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REVIEW: The Emerald Tablet by Joshua Silverman

Title: The Emerald Tablet
Series: Legends of Amun Ra #1
Author: Joshua Silverman
Published Date: September 15, 2012
Publisher: Enchanted Forest Press
Genre: Fantasy YA
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Rating: 3 stars

SynopsisLeoros doesn't have many friends. The son of a scientist and archaeologist, he is constantly on the move. But when his parents make a startling discovery in Egypt, Leoros' world is turned upside down.
When an archaeologist discovers the mythic Emerald Tablet buried beneath Egypt’s desert, her son decodes the ancient text leading him to a distant world.
On that world, a slave girl begins a journey towards a destiny she cannot imagine. But when an ancient foe rises from the ashes, they will be brought together by forces neither understands.
Leoros, who dreams of being like the heroes in the comic books, must fight to unlock the secrets of the universe to save a people he never knew existed.
Atlantia, whose bloody visions wake her in the night, senses the darkness coming.
Together they will face an enemy with the power of dark energy, lose a mentor to the assassin’s blade, and be betrayed by someone they trust. Their fight for the future is just beginning, and before it is over, a final sacrifice must be made. When the darkness comes, will they stand and fight or will they join it?
There is darkness in everyone.

Review: I'd like to thank Promotional Book Tours and the author for giving me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
The story itself was great. The writing was good. I didn't feel very connected to the main characters of Leoros and Atlantia, feeling like he was kinda bleh, and she was a scaredy cat. The one scene that really showed how spineless she was, was when she had a nightmare, granted it was a bad nightmare, a really bad nightmare. But then she gets out of bed, gets in her vehicle and drives all the way over to where Leoros is to cuddle with him. That is called dependence, probably co-dependence, since he seems to be the same way with her.
The biggest issue I had with the book however is what detracted the most from the reading, and that was the formatting. There were a few times where there was such a break in the story line I had to go back and read the last page or two to make sure I didn't accidentally miss something. There was also no clue as to when there was a switch between planets, so I found myself catching myself and asking where I was. There were page numbers in the middle of pages, chapter numbers at the beginning of each page, and the cover image on every other page. As a reviewer this was extremely distracting for me. 

I'm hoping that the published for-sale ebook is not this way.

BLAST and GIVEAWAY: Unfinished Businness by Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

Unfinished BusinessGenre: Chic Lit, Paranormal When Angela's mother Fran dies and comes back as a ghost, Angela's ordinary life turns into a carnival show, starring both Angela and her nosy, dead mother. It seems Fran's got some unfinished business on earth and she's determined to get it done, no matter what. When Fran returned, she reignited her daughter's long suppressed psychic gift, one she neglected to mention to Angela, and now Angela sees ghosts everywhere. And they won't leave her alone. Fran can't help but stick her transparent nose where it doesn't belong, making Angela's life even crazier. Now Angela has to find a way to keep her old life in tact and help the dead with their unfinished business, all while trying to keep her dead mother out of trouble. And it's a lot for one woman to handle.
Purchase Unfinished Business: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

About the AuthorCarolyn Ridder Aspenson

Carolyn Ridder Aspenson is a freelance writer based in Cumming, GA. She lives with her husband and three children, two dogs and one cat. Carolyn doesn't see ghosts, but swears she'd be okay with it, as long as it was only during daylight hours.   Follow the author: Website | Facebook | Twitter        

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EXCERPT: Born in Sin by Camelia Miron Skiba

Synopsis: Loathing the thought of his beloved Oriana in the arms of another man, fearless Zyraxes delivers death upon the Roman enemy. With only the rugged land as his bed and the sky as his blanket, trouble finds him often.
Summoned to aid Oriana’s father in the war against two powerful enemies—one of them Oriana's savage husband—Zyraxes proves himself worthy of more than just noble titles and coin. But he wants none of it. What he wants is her.
When Zyraxes discovers a broken and nearly dead Oriana, though forbidden, he disregards her father's orders to leave her to her death, and instead chooses to protect and conceal her. Will saving her be enough to win her heart? Will his part royal lineage make him worthy of her love?

“Such a fool!” Oriana’s eyes brand me with their intense glare. “Galtys’ women don’t awake everyone with their moans. Galtys’ indiscretion doesn’t offend me, but your actions do.” With both hands Oriana covers her mouth, blinking fast and shaking her head. “I … apologies, I do not know what got into me … a proper lady does not speak about such matters. Apologies.”
“Oriana, I …” A foreign heat burns my face. “I … the women outside this chamber do not come in for good reason … people think of me as a … if my behavior were different than what they all know me for they’d suspect I hide something. I cannot draw attention to myself without risking your discovery. My duty is to keep you safe even if I must do things you disapprove of.”
I hold her gaze when she looks at me as if reading my mind. Long ago I gave her my heart but she was too blind to see my love. Too blind or not interested. Granted I never spoke of my feelings, but my actions prove them. It never occurred to me that my behavior causes her grief.
Oriana sighs. “I am nothing but a burden to you … I have no right to tell you what you can or cannot do. Your life is in danger because of me and yet I demand … I behave so childish.” She smiles briefly then looks down at the cloth in her lap. “I do not know how to show my gratitude for everything you have done—”
“By the gods, Oriana, stop it!” I get up and walk away, turning my back to her. “I do not want your gratitude.”
She comes behind me, her  Oriana scent—dewy earth, freshly cut grass and gladiolus enthralling me. In a small voice she says, “There is nothing else I have to give. I have no possessions, no gold to repay you.”
I turn and seize her arms, anger and desperation blinding me. “Who speaks of gold or ransom, woman? Have I asked for any of those? Have I?”
She opens her mouth to say something, pain twisting her face. When it finally dawns on me how rough I am, it’s too late. Galtys pushes me away whilst Oriana leans onto Thera, barely walking to the bed.
I reach for her. “Oriana!"
Author Bio:

Who I was yesterday … I’m no longer today, nor will I be tomorrow. Each day I grow a little. I stumble, get up, and learn something. I wish and dream and want and look to the future.
Who I am is not important, but what I leave behind is.
Copyright © 2013 CAMELIA MIRON SKIBA


TWITTER: @CamiSkiba
AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE: Camelia Miron Skiba

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Virtual Book Fest at Literary Addicts

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Come RSVP to the Author Panels Saturday June 1st
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Workshop - The writing process (3 Parts)

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BLAST and GIVEAWAY: No Brainer by AJ Lape

No Brainer No Brainer

Genre: Young Adult, Mystery Two weeks before junior year, Darcy hops a plane to Orlando for a little R&R with her best friend Dylan and his family. Fresh off the heels of solving three murders in Valley, you'd think she'd sit back and enjoy the vacation capital of the world…maybe if you're a noun. Darcy Walker, however, is nothing but verb. Before her feet hit the Orlando soil, she's meddling in the disappearance of a five-year-old boy who vanished six months earlier. With authorities still no closer to solving the case, Darcy is shanghaied by her impulsivity and runs headlong into that proverbial burning building, convinced she can bring him home. She travels down a road that not only follows this missing child but branches off into the corrupt and sinister world of mob activity when she tampers in a case on which Dylan's detective grandfather is working. After a near disastrous midnight meeting in a warehouse and a date with a mechanical bull, Darcy realizes she might've bitten off more than she can chew. Add the boiling flirtationship with her best friend and the appearance of his romantic rival, and she is in over her head. Will she survive a life of flirting with death too easily? Or will her flirtationship with Dylan become the actual death of her instead? For a girl with a habit of finding dead bodies, No Brainer gives Darcy Walker more of the same…surprising twists and turns…and running for her life. Purchase

Book #1 Grade A Stupid

Book #2 No Brainer

AJ LapeAbout Author AJ Lape

A. J. lives in Cincinnati with her husband, two feministic daughters, an ADD dog, a spoiled hamster, and an unapologetic and unrepentant addiction to Coca-Cola. She studied English, Journalism, and Political Science at Morehead State University and left the business world when her daughters were born. Her love for suspense and a good story was spawned from watching Mystery Science Theater with her sister during childhood. That and any B movie with comedic undertones they could get their hands on. When she’s not riding that razor-thin line between creativity and insanity, she likes to read, watch too much cable TV, or cheer like a banshee at her daughters' sporting events. She’s a huge hometown sports fan and loves to watch the Cincinnati Bengals and Cincinnati Reds whenever she can. A. J. loves to connect with fans! If you would like to receive emails of upcoming releases, please sign up for her distribution list by visiting her homepage at and clicking the “contact” tab
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REVIEW: Return to Finndragon's Den by Richie Earl

Title: Return to Finndragon'sDen
Series: Tales of Finndragon #2
Author: Richie Earl
Published Date: 5/29/13
Publisher: self published by author

Rating: 3 1/2 stars

Summary: Welsh siblings, Megan, Emma and Scott are home and reunited with their mother having been told never to return to Dafydd’s Kingdom. The problem is that the children haven’t found their father. There’s also the matter of the prophesy about the siblings defeating the evil wizard. How can they stay away when the Kingdom needs them?

Review: I'd like to thank the author for allowing me to read both books in this series in exchange for an honest review. 
This book picks up a few weeks after the first book leaves off. Even after months of not reading the first book, it was extremely easy to pick right back up where I left off with no confusion. Maybe it was because of this, that it was easier this time around for me with the Welsh names and British jargon. 
I liked how the author was able to close the series with a happy ending all around, but it was almost too neat. , too well wrapped up. From the final battle scene to the last page, it was only a few pages and so much was wrapped up in such a short amount of space.
The pace of the book was great. As soon as it started to slack off, the pace picked right back up with some new calamity. 
This would be a great book for kids from 9-15, and if you're an adult who likes YA fantasy, it would be good for you too!

Friday, May 24, 2013

REVIEW: I'm Nobody by Alex Marestaing

Title: I'm Nobody
Series: none
Author:Alex Marestaing
Publisher: self-published by author
Published Date: Feb 1, 2013
Buy it Link: Amazon

Rating: 5 stars

Synopsis: Caleb Reed is losing his mind, at least that’s what his father thinks.
If it were only the show - America's Funniest Home Videos - the same taped episode he's watched every night for the last six years - then perhaps his parental unit wouldn’t worry so much. But there’s far more to the thirteen year-old’s manic daily regimen that makes even Caleb himself question his mental health. 
For starters, there's his obsessive worry about the abandoned mansion across the street, and then there's that curious note someone left on his doorstep. It's neatly folded, black ribbon wrapped, and signed by a stranger named Emily Dickinson.
"I'm nobody. Who are you?" it reads. "Are you nobody too?"
In time, more of these strange, poetic messages arrive, silently beckoning the agoraphobic seventh grader to venture further and further from the safety of his home in order to retrieve them. Are the notes from Iris, the YouTube obsessed eighth grader who has begun filming an indie film on his street? Has his deceased older sister returned from the grave to deliver some sort of message? Or are the pages actually from the pen of Emily Dickinson, the reclusive and long dead 19th century poet? 
With his sanity in question, Caleb Reed's entire existence depends on finding an answer.

Review: I'd like to thank the author for giving me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 
Wow...what a book. The first chapter I was pulled in....OCD in a child, oh and then there's the mystery behind the sister's death. And how the family unit not only is so dysfunctional, but helps feed this poor kid's psychosis. How is this all going to play out?
I couldn't help but root for poor Caleb as he ventured out further. Towards the end of the book though, the twists and turns were heart-breaking, andjust when you think the book's all wrapped up, another twist turns you 180 around and provides some sort of hope.
This was such an amazing read for a middle grade book!

BLAST and GIVEAWAY: Legends of Amun Ra: The Emerald Tablet

The Emerald Tablet
Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy Leoros doesn't have many friends. The son of a scientist and archeologist, he is constantly on the move. But when his parents make a startling discovery in Egypt, Leoros' world is turned upside down. Do you wish you could have the power of a god? Would you use it for good…or for evil? When an archaeologist discovers the mythic Emerald Tablet buried beneath Egypt’s desert, her son decodes the ancient text leading him to a distant world. On that world, a slave girl begins a journey towards a destiny she cannot imagine. But when an ancient foe rises from the ashes, they will be brought together by forces neither understands. Leoros, who dreams of being like the heroes in the comic books, must fight to unlock the secrets of the universe to save a people he never knew existed. Atlantia, whose bloody visions wake her in the night, senses the darkness coming. Together they will face an enemy with the power of dark energy, lose a mentor to the assassin’s blade, and be betrayed by someone they trust. Their fight for the future is just beginning, and before it is over, a final sacrifice must be made. When the darkness comes, will they stand and fight or will they join it? There is darkness in everyone.
Purchase the book: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

About Joshua Silverman

Joshua SilvermanJoshua Silverman was born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Orange County, California. While attending California State University, Fullerton and studying Criminal Justice, Joshua was introduced to a creative writing class where he wrote a series of paranormal stories. As a child, he has always been an amateur historian, focusing on ancient Egypt, Greece, and Roman civilizations. Since working in the legal environment, he has combined his passion for creative writing with his love of ancient history by penning his debut novel, The Emerald Tablet, the first of seven in the Legends of Amun Ra series.
Follow Joshua Silverman: Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads
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REVIEW: I Was Here -- Before You Came by Camelia Skiba

Title: I Was Here -- Before You Came (later published as Born In Vengeance)
Series: Dacian Legends #1
Author: Camelia Skiba
Published Date: May 9, 2013
Publisher: Treasure Books Publishing
Format: Ebook
Pages: 88
Buy link: Amazon
Rating: 3 1/2 stars

Synopsis: Originally published as a short story titled I WAS HERE--BEFORE YOU CAME, this stand-alone version includes an expanded storyline and excerpts from BORN IN SIN (Dacian Legends, #2), all that you would expect from a full novel.
Legend has it … centuries after Spartacus another hero is born—Ilias, the bastard son of King Decebalus. Thirsty for revenge and eager to unshackle the Roman oppression, Ilias’ obsession to fulfill his oath has no bounds, even if that means kidnapping Nerva, the beloved daughter of Emperor Traianus. What he doesn’t know is his own heart threatens to betray his conscience.
What will prevail: his mind or his heart?

My Review: I'd like to thank the author for allowing me a copy of this short story in exchange for an honest review.
I'd like to start out by saying that this is a great premise for a story. A man swears vengeance on his enemy, and kidnaps his daughter, only to have the whole plan backfire on him when he falls in love with her. The story itself was well-written, the plot moved along as it should. The story ended well.
Yes, I know you feel it...the looming "but"....
But....I felt nothing for the two main characters' budding relationship. There was more emotional tension in a possible uprising in one of the later scenes, than what I felt between these two. And I still don't know what Ilias looks like. I have deduced that he must have blond hair, because at one point, it was noted that all typical Dacians have blond hair, but I read the story through twice just to see if perhaps I had skipped over it by accident.
However...I have noticed that this story has been expanded with further details, so I'm hoping that all of these missing details have been added into the later edition.

REVIEW REDUX: The Legend of Finndragon's Curse by Richie Earl

Title: The Legend of Finndragon's Curse
Series: Tales of Finndragon #1
Author: Richie Earl
Publisher: author
Published date: Dec 22, 2011
Rating: 31/2 stars
Buy it link: Amazon

Note: my original review is below...first posting date of October 6, 2012...some of the issues I had before have been resolved (re: British terminology, and the cover artwork)

Synopsis: Three children racing against time, desperately searching for their missing father.
A medieval kingdom cursed by an evil wizard.
An ancient legend beneath our very feet.
The Legend of Finndragon’s Curse is the first book in a unique, two book fantasy adventure series and is a fast paced, engaging and thrilling page turner. The story races along with plenty of twists and turns as it heads for the prophesized confrontation between the children and the evil Finndragon himself.
Combining wizardry and magic with modern technology and containing magical animals and terrible demons, The Legend of Finndragon’s Curse is a rollercoaster of emotions that will make you laugh out loud and then fight to hold back the tears, as the children race against time to rescue their father. In doing so they have to kill Finndragon and put an end to the dreadful curse.
A young adult adventure that is sure to be enjoyed by all ages.

Review: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. This book is a great young adult fantasy book. While relying on three teenage and prepubescent children to save their father, the author doesn't give the children any extra-ordinary skills or paranormal abilities. I always dislike when the authors give the main characters such incredible skill-sets that makes the story absolutely unrealistic. The author stayed within the boundaries of normal children's abilities, while allowing them to overcome a difficult adversary in a realistic setting.
There were a few things I didn't like: some of the Welsh place names tripped me up, perhaps a glossary of how to pronounce these would be nice. Some of the British terminology tripped me up as well (it took me awhile to realise that an "underwater torch" wasn't an actual flaming torch, but a flashlight), but once you got past all of that, it was a great, enjoyable read. Most likely British readers will look at my review and think, "Silly American!"
The ending totally blew me away. Looking back, yes, it was foreseeable, but, on the last page, I turned it and thought, "What? This is it? No....I want the next book!" Great cliff-hanger.

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BOOK BLAST and GIVEAWAY!: Spring's Surprise by Cynthia Gail

Spring's Surprise

Sara Michaels is single again. And she’s celebrating her thirtieth birthday with a complete spa makeover and a day of boutique shopping with her two best friends. After a ten-month battle for freedom, a long weekend in Nashville, Tennessee is just what she needs to erase the memories of a broken heart.   Jack Tanner is the soon-to-be new partner at Chester & Dorsey Development Firm. Jack’s love life has been on the back burner for years as he’s built a successful career. But the moment he meets Sara, he takes a hard look at his life and his priorities. Sara steps out of her comfort zone and spends an unforgettable weekend with Jack. She’s never felt so carefree. Until she realizes too late that three days can change everything On Sale May 15, 2013

Read an Excerpt

Winter's Magic Owner of La Bella Vita, a five-star day spa nestled in the affluent suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee, Beth Sergeant knows her elite clientele first hand. She attended their private schools. She was even engaged, although briefly, to one of their most recognized bachelors. But she never fit in to their social-elite world. After losing his parents to a car accident at a young age, Nick Chester was raised by his grandfather, the wealthiest man in Nashville. When he chooses to socialize, he has a never-ending list of exclusive events and beautiful women vying for his attention. Yet he never lets himself forget that everyone has an agenda. Beth can’t resist Nick’s charm and accepts an invitation to dinner, despite her deep-seated insecurities. She proves she’s nothing like other women he’s dated and learns to trust him in return. But just as the last of their resistance crumbles and true love is within reach, challenges from Nick’s past threaten to destroy everything and force Beth to reveal her most guarded secret. Available Now Through: Amazon Barnes & Noble Soul Mate Publishing

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EXCERPT: Fall of Sky City

Title: Fall of Sky City
Series: Devices of War Book 1
Author: S.M. Blooding
Published Date: republished May 5, 2013
Publisher: Blooding Books
Pages: 316
ISBN: 978-1484052297
Genre: steampunk
Add to: Goodreads
Purchase: Amazon


“Here’s the hangar we’re lookin’ for,” Joshua said lightly. “Now we just need to get everything loaded and be off.”
I walked into the hangar and stared in surprise at the monstrous bird-like machine propped up on rolling jacks. “What is that?”
“Tha’,” he said, pointing to it with a grin, “is my invention to get us out of here.”
“It didn’t come in anything smaller, perhaps a bit faster?”
He laughed and started pulling rigging ropes off of the wings. “Not if we’re taking all o’ our studies with us. No.”
I raised an eyebrow. “What?”
“Our entire laboratory is in here.” He stopped and looked at me. “Well, come on. Let’s get going. They’re going ta be tearin’ the city apart looking for you soon enough, like as right. Best we’re off before they catch on.”
Yvette ducked under the tail of the flying machine in knee-length pants, stockings and a white shirt, a leather bodice of sorts holding her belt of contraptions and gadgets. “Ah, so the gar├žonhas arrived.” She sent me a tight lipped glare. “Thank you for expediting our time table. We really could have used the extra weeks to finish.”
“Yvette,” Joshua said. “Have you loaded all of your things?”
She nodded.
“How many trunks of clothes are we going to be loaded down with?” I asked.
She glared and disappeared on the other side again.
Haji removed the rigging from the wing. “What is this?”
“I call it an aerioplane.” Joshua smiled proudly. “It works differently than the bi-plane in the fact tha’ we’re able to carry cargo. It took a bi’ to figure out how to carry heavy loads, but I think I did all right.”
“Yeah,” Yvette yelled, “though landing this thing’s going to be a bit of an issue.”
My hands paused on the rigging. “What’s she talking about?”
Joshua’s looked like he was trying to shake off his concern. “It’s nothin’ to worry about. We’ll be fine.”
“Uh-huh. Define fine.”
“Well.” He took in a breath and tipped his head. “It’d be best if we were to find a long, soft, flat place to land.”
“And why’s that?”
“Well, the bi-planes can land vertically. My aerioplane needs a runway in order to gain enough force to take off.” He winced. “The heavier we are, the harder it is to take off.”
“And without landing gear,” Yvette said, popping up under the wing, “it’ll be that much harder.”
“Without—Wait.” I followed Joshua into the belly of the beast. “We won’t be able to land?”
“It’ll just be a bi’ rocky is all.” He shrugged.

Follow SM Blooding:
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COVER REVEAL and GIVEAWAY: Unbidden and Redeemed by Jill Hughey

Today we say hello again to author Jill Hughey and her books Unbidden and Redeemed, that had an amazing MAKE OVER!

"Two new covers, same great stories"

For fans of Historical Romance here are Book 1 and 2 in "The Evolution Series".

Evolution Series Book One: Unbidden
Jill Hughey

Book Synopsis

When the emperor chooses a husband for Rochelle, she tries to drive her betrothed away, but by the time she realizes she might want to keep him, she has been too successful and other forces are dividing them as well.
A whirling romance in the enchanting world of Charlemagne’s Empire. Rochelle of Alda, a feisty Frank noblewoman, expects to continue her industrious life managing her family’s estate. When her emperor summons her to the palace to meet the skilled soldier she is required to marry, Rochelle engages in a battle for independence from David of Bavaria. As her own deceptions multiply, she suspects another of also plotting against their marriage. To her surprise, and too late, David’s passion and patience begin to win her heart. Can their love survive the tangled web of her schemes and the secret adversary David refuses to see?

Evolution Series Book  Two: Redeemed

Book Synopsis

Doeg has only two requirements in a wife, and when Philantha arrives he knows she is the one who will fulfill them. However, she has a requirement of her own that at first frightens her new husband, but eventually breaks down the barriers he has kept erected around himself for decades. They work to rejuvenate his estate by day while their passion grows at night. When an unexpected threat from within their world endangers Philantha, will Doeg throw off the shackles of his past completely to claim happiness once and for all? Travel to Bavaria in 834 where Redeemed combines the best elements of historical romance with an exciting new setting.

The Author
Jill Hughey has loved historical romance since sneaking peeks at her mother’s library years ago. She has enjoyed writing just as long.  She prides herself on deep character development, and settings that take her readers on long, satisfying journeys to places they have probably never been in a book before.
Jill lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two sons. Her hobby is singing lessons, in which she studies classical soprano and some lighthearted works.
Learn more about the author at:

An e-copy of Unbidden.

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REVIEW: Chasing Francis by Ian Morgan Cron

Title: Chasing Francis
Series: None
Author: Ian Morgan Cron
Published date: republished May 7, 2013
Publisher: Zondervan
Buy it link: Amazon | Barnes and Noble
Rating: 5 stars

Synopsis: What happens when the pastor of a mega church loses his faith?
Pastor Chase Falson has lost his faith in God, the Bible, evangelical Christianity, and his super-sized megachurch. When he falls apart, the church elders tell him to go away: as far away as possible. Join Chase on his life-changing journey to Italy where, with a curious group of Franciscan friars, he struggles to resolve his crisis of faith by retracing the footsteps of Francis of Assisi, a saint whose simple way of loving Jesus changed the history of the world. Read this riveting story and then begin your own life-changing journey through the pilgrim's guide included in this powerful novel.
Hidden in the past lies the future of the church When his elders tell him to take some time away from his church, broken pastor Chase Falson crosses the Atlantic to Italy to visit his uncle, a Franciscan priest. There he is introduced to the revolutionary teachings of Saint Francis of Assisi and finds an old, but new way of following Jesus that heals and inspires. Chase Falson's spiritual discontent mirrors the feelings of a growing number of Christians who walk out of church asking, Is this all there is? They are weary of celebrity pastors, empty calorie teaching, and worship services where the emphasis is more on Lights, Camera, Action than on Father, Son, and Holy Spirit while the deepest questions of life remain unaddressed in a meaningful way.

My Review: First I'd like to thank the publisher and BookSneeze for allowing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
I give out 5 star reviews very rarely....meaning, about 1-2% of the books I read, are truly what I consider worthy of 5 stars. It has to change my life in some way, and this book did exactly that. It was such an interesting look into St Francis of Assisi's life, and such a modern story that it was hard not to get caught up in it.
Ever since I started reading this book, it was as if Francis was trying to reach out to me through this book. Every where I turned, there was a statue of him, a church of him, a book of him, a quote about him....things that I had never seen before or experienced before were suddenly popping up. As a child growing up, I picked St Francis as my patron saint in confirmation (much to the consternation of the Catholic teachers that believed a girl should pick a girl saint, not a boy saint!). This book showed me how wonderful and apropos of a choice he really was.
Because of this book, I'm definitely hunting down more books on him.

REVIEW: Heiress Bride by Cynthia Woolf

Title: Heiress Bride
Series: Matchmaker & Co. Series #2
Author: Cynthia Woolf
Published Date: March 19, 2013
Publisher: self-published by author
Format: ebook
Pages: 250
ISBN: 9781938887
Copy provided by: Black Lion Book Tours
Genre: historical romance
Add to: Goodreads
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: 4 stars

Synopsis: Heiress Ella Davenport survived a carriage accident that killed her father. Her life saved in exchange for savage scars marring her beautiful face. Her friends, socialites, showed their true colors, casting Ella aside like damaged goods and leaving her a social pariah. Even her wealth can’t buy her the kind of marriage she wants. Desperate to find a husband who can accept her despite her scars and, without knowing about her money, she seeks to become a mail order bride. Matchmaker & Co. is her one chance to start over and leave the pain and betrayal far behind her.
Nathan Ravenclaw was run out of town by the father of the girl he was courting once he discovered Nathan’s Arapaho heritage. It didn’t matter that Nathan was a successful rancher, businessman, and a positive member of society. The white community suddenly saw only a half-breed. Even his money couldn’t buy him a wife. That was ten years ago. He moved and rebuilt everything that cold rancher once took from him. He has it all...except a wife. Matchmaker & Company promises to send him a woman willing to start a new life with him. But Nathan's battered heart lacks the ability to trust. He longs for children, not romance. His new bride, scarred and cast aside like himself, promises to be perfect for him. Until he meets his mail order bride. Fierce desire and an even more dangerous hope roar back to life within him. Two things he swore never to indulge in again. 

My Review: I'd like to thank Black Lion Book Tours and the author for letting me read this book for an honest review.
This was a really quick, mindless, enjoyable read that I needed after a supremely stressful week both at work and personally. I read it in one day, I truly enjoyed it, and would love to read the first one to see how the series started. I'd also like to see if the owner of Matchmaker &Co. finds her own man further in the series.
If you like western historical romances, you'll love this book. The only drawback to the story is that it's very cookie-cutter. Is there a recipe out there somewhere in writing romances, historical or otherwise? There must be, and if there isn't, here it is:
1. Main female character is beautiful and a virgin, could possibly have some emotional scarring somewhere along the line.
2. Main male character is drop-dead hot. Probably a warrior of some kind, definitely possessive, alpha male personality.
     Note: One or both are filthy rich.
3. Someone is out to kill/harm/maim the main female character, which then causes the main male character to realize how much he absolutely loves the main female character and provides suspense to carry the plot to the end.
4. 50% chance that pregnancy ensues, which further causes main male character's alpha male characteristics to come out even more.
5. Main characters survive and happily ever after happens.
This is just an observation from readng many romances throughout the years.
Now, I am not trashing the book at all. Instead, at this point, I needed this type of book and I really enjoyed it.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

REVIEW: The Royal Flush by D.N. Simmons

Title: The Royal Flush
Series: #3 of the Knights of the Darkness Chronicles
Author: D.N. Simmons
Published Date: April 11, 2011
Published by: self published by author
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Rating: 4 stars

Synopsis: The Royal Flush is the third novel in the edgy, action-packed, sexually-charged, Knights of the Darkness Chronicles.In the third installment of this tale, the hunt is on! The coven, Pack and Pride must join forces to stop a group of big game hunters by any means necessary! Hold on to your seat as the Knights take you on yet another wild ride that will not let you go until the last word is read and the book is closed!
Original,sexy and gritty, the Knights of the Darkness Chronicles will suck you in and take you for a ride you won't forget!

Review: I'd like to thank Innovative Online Book Tours and the author for allowing me to read this book for review.
I love this book, I love this series. I love it more with each consecutive book. After the first book, I wasn't too crazy about the male on male sexual scenes, but as the series progressed, the sex scenes have been toned down and the books focus more on the story lines themselves.
During the last book, I enjoyed the introduction of the concept of both were wolves and were leopards. This time around, I've enjoyed the interaction between the wolves and the leopards. But there's so much more to the story than just the weres, there are vampires too!
The best part of the whole series is the growing relationship between Natasha the human and her lovers, Xavier and Darian, the vamps....the very strong vamps.
I can only hope the fourth book will become available for tour and review as well, because I've truly enjoyed being a host for these three books.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

TOUR and GIVEAWAY: The Blasphemy Box by Mandy Behbehani

The Blasphemy BoxThe Blasphemy Box

“You know that nightmare you’ve always had? The one where you wake up one day to find yourself fat, frumpy, fifty and alone? I’m living it.” Maddy Nelson has an idyllic existence: a handsome husband, great kids, a comfortable, affluent lifestyle. One morning soon after she turns fifty, however, she wakes up in her San Francisco home to find her husband Steven announcing that he’s leaving her for a woman half her age. And a third of her size. Ouch! Feeling totally unmoored and grieving for her married life and husband, Maddy finds herself thrust into an unfamiliar and uncomfortable world of middle-aged singledom. There, she must come to terms with her situation and embark on her new life: divorce proceedings, single parenting, internet dating, and trying to earn a living. It’s enough to drive her over the brink. To help her cope, she shares her struggles in a smart, wry blog named The Blasphemy Box, after her ex-husband’s obnoxious habit of having her drop a quarter into a wooden box every time she said something off color. Her madcap middle-aged adventures find her devoted readers who identify with her challenges. In time, Maddy recreates herself and finds happiness in the arms of a good man, and a fulfilling new career as a novelist.

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About Author Mandy Behbehani

Mandy Behbehani grew up in England and now lives in California. She holds a journalism degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia and is a professional journalist whose work has appeared in a variety of publications from the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle to W magazine, Town & Country magazine and Travel & Leisure magazine. Follow Mandy Behbehani: Blog | Facebook | Twitter Follow the Tour! The author is offering a signed paperback book, and a Swarovski crystal bracelet that is part of her jewelry line for a tour prize. Fill out the form below to Enter! a Rafflecopter giveaway