Rating Guidelines

As of the current date, all of the books I have reviewed have been bought, loaned out to me by my local library, or given to me in exchange for an honest review.
 I do accept books or eBooks in exchange for an honest review, either positive or negative. I will state this before the review itself. Receiving a free book or e-book does not guarantee a positive review.
 I will try in every endeavor to find at least one thing positive or negative about each book I review. I do believe there are good qualities in every book, no matter how horrible it is written.
 That being said, the following is my rating system:

  5 stars: Awesome, life-changing, you absolutely HAVE TO read this book. If you don’t, your life is incomplete.
 4 1/2 stars: Almost perfect, don’t miss it.
 4 stars: really really good book, definitely worth a re-read or two, or three. Definitely holds space on my bookshelf.
 3 1/2 stars: good, better than average, worth checking out of the library and possibly buying from a used bookstore.
 3 stars: don’t spend your money on it, borrow it from the library. Not too bad, but definitely not that good. 
2 1/2 stars: Not really worth reading unless its part of a series you like, or from an author you like.
 2 stars: More bad qualities than good, but someone out there may like it.
 1 1/2 stars: definitely not worth your time.
 1 star: could barely make myself finish this book.
 1/2 star: what the heck was the author (or editor/publisher) thinking?!
 0 stars: The reading of this book could be detrimental to the well-being of the reader.

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