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PRE-ORDER #SALE: The Last One by Tawdra Kandle


TLOEbook   Meghan Hawthorne is restless. The last year has been a roller coaster: her widowed mother just married a long-time family friend. Her younger brother unexpectedly became a father and a husband. Everyone's life is changing. . .except for hers. As she begins her final summer of college, Meghan's looking for excitement and maybe a little romance. Nothing serious; this girl just wants to have fun.

But the only man for Meghan turns out to be the last one she expects.

Sam Reynolds doesn't need excitement, and he doesn't want romance. Fun is out of the question. He's been the steady, responsible one since his parents were killed, and serious is his way of life.

When Sam rescues Meghan alongside a dark Georgia backroad, she falls hard for his deep brown eyes and slow drawl. But making him see her as more than just a party girl won't be easy. Sam's tempted by the fiery young artist, even as he realizes that giving into his feelings will mean radical change. . .maybe more than he can handle.

Nobody ever said love was simple.  

Pre-Order NOW at Amazon and Smashwords for only 99 cents!

Release Date: September 28th

  Tawdra Kandle has been a writer since the invention of the pen. Her first published work appeared in Child's Life magazine when she was 13. After a brief, thirty-year hiatus, she published a young adult quartet, The King Series. More recently, she's released contemporary and paranormal romances in both the adult and New Adult genres. Tawdra lives in central Florida with her husband and children, of both skin and fur types. And yes, she has purple hair.

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COVER REVEAL: Kissed by a Demon Spy by Sharon Kay

Oh my gosh, y'all....Sharon Kay came out with a new novella in the Solsti series! I am so excited about this. I flew threw three of her books in less than a month and completely fell in love with it.

Synopsis: Kidnapped as a teen and forced into a life of sexual slavery, Garnet vowed long ago to do whatever she could to spare others her fate. When karma comes full circle with an offer of freedom for her and her young son, she jumps at the chance.
Masquerading as a village innkeeper, Aden keeps his espionage work secret from the gentle pixies he lives among. Using his skills to prevent a group of vicious demons from attacking the innocent, his world is draped in mist, shadow, and danger.
Steeped in shame, Garnet is loath to share her past with Aden. But Aden senses a sweet, loyal strength in her that no amount of horror can erase. His dangerous work is the opposite of the stability Garnet craves. Yet Aden’s patience and strength make him the hero she never had. When the enemy targets them, Garnet and Aden realize that honesty is the truest form of courage. 
Without further ado, here is the cover of the novella that presents Garnet's story, Kissed by a Demon Spy.

The novella is scheduled for publication on October 7, 2014, but if you can't wait till then (like me!), here is the pre-order link from Amazon:

#GIVEAWAY and #REVIEW: Dr Song's 20% Vitamin C Serum

This contest ends September 4th, get your entries in!

Rating: 4 stars

I'm really not one for makeup or even a night time skin routine, but the days do pass, and I am getting those fine lines and thought, why not try it? It can't hurt, right? So I received one as a promotion, a full 1 ounce bottle. When I used it, I found out a little really does go a long way. I can see this bottle lasting me at least a month with daily use. I found it was a little thick, but it is a serum. That being said, it is also a little sticky, but if you wait until it absorbs into your skin and follow it with a good moisturizer, you'll be fine.
After using it for about a week straight, I did start to see an improvement with the slight wrinkles around my eyes. I hope that after more use I will see even more improvement.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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#SALE and #GIVEAWAY: Back to School sale on books!

REVIEW: Ragesong:Uprising by JR Simmons

Title: Ragesong: Uprising
Series: Ragesong #2
Author:  JR Simmons
Published Date: June 20, 2014
Publisher: Magic Unleashed
Format: ebook
Pages: 370
ISBN: 9781939993465
Genre: fantasy
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Rating: 4 stars

Synopsis: Exiled Fermician king Klyle, now free from the clutches of the Dread King Brael, works ceaselessly with Changelings Joraus and Swyf to resist to the evil spreading through his kingdom. Though the seeds of rebellion stir faintly in the hearts of his people, fear of the Dread King makes recruiting difficult. Not knowing where else to turn, Klyle wonders if children of legend who once rescued him from his mountain prison might be the key to saving his kingdom.
Three years after rescuing Klyle, Jake and Sam can’t forget their wondrous and frightening journey. Fully aware they might be summoned back at a moment's notice, the two friends work diligently to prepare. When the Changelings come calling, the teenagers are whisked away once more to the beautiful and dangerous Fermicia. Their connection with Ragesong has grown more powerful than ever, but will it be enough to take on the might of the Dread King and his powerful new apprentice?

My Review: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
This book is a followup to Ragesong:Awakening and starts 3 years after Awakening ends. Sam and Jake are still friends, although as hormones will do, they are fighting feelings for one another. This helped provide most of the romantic tension in the story.
The author did a great job of writing so that I was transported back to Fermicia along with Jake and Sam. I liked how Sam and Jake were seperate entities, which allowed Sam to grow into her own character instead of constantly being the tag along. I loved watching Sam grow into her own during this book. The additional characters only added to the story instead of overwhelming the reader with more names to keep in mind.
The only negative that I found in this book was that it seemed to take longer to take off and grab my attention.

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#RELEASE DAY: Shimmer by Elena Dillon

Chandler Raines and her “dad” are on the run. Never staying in one place for very long. It’s just not safe.  When they arrive in Lafayette, Louisiana, Chandler quickly realizes this is the place she wants to call home. Friends, a cute boy, and competitive cheerleading have her taking dangerous risks to have the life she always wanted. Risks she promised she wouldn’t take. 
When her lies catch up to her, a decision has to be made. Stay or run? Will the evil that’s chased them for the last four years catch up to them? When Chandler’s past comes screeching into the present she’ll have to sacrifice everything to keep what she loves safe. But will it be enough?

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About the Author:

Elena Dillon writes Young Adult Romantic Suspense. She lives in Southern
California and spends her days writing and catering to their English bulldog,

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COVER REVEAL: Annie Crow Knoll: Sunset by Gail Priest



Return to Annie Crow Knoll. . . a place where people come to restore their spirits, heal their pain and reclaim their lives.

Nate Bidwell blamed his mother Annie for his parents' divorce. Buried hurts and resentments between mother and son make Nate reluctant to risk his heart when his childhood friend Beth Ann offers him her own. Instead, he allows himself to fall in love with the fragile and dependent June, and Annie's opposition to their marriage reignites years of unresolved conflict with her only child. Nate swears that he will never return to Annie Crow Knoll, his family home on the Chesapeake Bay. Instead, he opens his dream restaurant in Manhattan and tirelessly works to build his career as a chef.

When near-tragedy strikes their lives, though, Nate is forced to return to the one place he hopes may save his wife: Anne Crow Knoll. There, surrounded by the love and support of his mother, their friend Packard and Beth Ann, Nate and June face their doubts and fears about themselves, their marriage and their future. In the beauty of this Chesapeake community, they find hope and healing.  

Annie Crow Knoll: Sunset will be released on September 14th. . .


Pre-order your copy NOW at a special 99 cent introductory price

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And don't miss the beginning of Annie's story in

Annie Crow Knoll: Sunrise

Available at Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and Kobo


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Gail Priest lives in New Jersey and summers in Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay with her husband and their cockatiel. In addition to writing novels, plays and screenplays, she loves theater, reading, birding and being out in nature.
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#GIVEAWAY: Dream Killers by SM Blooding


DK S1 Covers
The Sea of Dreams spat me out with no memories, no idea of who I was or what my purpose might be. When Captain Bo, dream killer extraordinaire, arrived, I took a chance to explore. On the road of discovery, I tripped upon dreamplanes floating dead in a graveyard, scared children attempting to survive their dreams turned nightmare, strange guardians, rogue Dreamlanders, and ships with hearts of silver. I learned more about Dreamland than I ever thought possible. But people are dying. They're disappearing. Dreamland is twisting, shifting, ripping. I don't know how best to help, how to save those I've met, who have wormed their way into my heart. If only I knew who I was, what I'd been born to do. Then I found out. I know who I am. I wish I didn't. Dream Killers is geared for fans of Once Upon a Time. The first season (Spring 2014) consists of 3 novellas called episodes. It follows River as he discovers who he is and his role in Dreamland. Dream Killers is to Dreamland Stories what Agents of Shield is to the Marvel movies. Dreamland is an intense, rich, fascinating world with lots going on. If you like fairy tales, are looking for something new,try this one.


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Meet the Author:

SM “Frankie” Blooding lives in Colorado with her pet rock, Rockie, and Jack the Bird. Jack has refused to let her to take up the piano again, but is warming to the guitar. It might help that Frankie has learned more than two strings. She’s added a few more Arabic words to her vocabulary, but don’t invite her into conversation yet—unless, of course, you’re willing to have a very . . . slow . . . conversation. She’s dated vampires, werewolves, sorcerers, weapons smugglers and US Government assassins. Yes. She has stories.

She’s also an investigator with a local paranormal investigation group, Colorado Paranormal Rescue!

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REVIEW: Big Book of Quizzes by Karen Bokram

Title: Big Book of Quizzes
Series: FaithGirlz
Author:  Karen Bokram
Published Date: August 26, 2014
Publisher: Zonderkidz
Format: paperback
Pages: 128
ISBN: 9780310746041
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Rating: 5 stars (given by my daughter)

Synopsis: Welcome to the world of, well, you! The Faithgirlz! Big Book of Quizzes offers more than twenty quizzes delve into school, friends, faith, family, guys, and questions "All-About-You." Take the quizzes on your own or with friends. Some funny, some thought-provoking, every quiz ends with wide range of answers to help girls think about themselves, get advice on tons of topics, and learn little “who knew?” facts about how they really think and feel - done in a fun format every girl loves. Girls will love circling questions, asking BFFs for best answers, and LOLing at those “that’s SO me” moments. And, yet, each has a takeaway message that makes the Big Book of Quizzes a super entertaining, relevant, and interactive read for girls ages eight to twelve.

My Review: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
From my daughter: "I thought it (the book) was awesome. It taught me a lot about my personality. It is a funny and awesome book."
As a woman, I am intrigued by quizzes, from what kind of boy you are most attracted to (when I was a teenager) to how country are you? Quizzes just amuse me. I find them to be a way to learn more about yourself that you really didn't think about too much. I love being able to share that with my daughter and introduce her to internal self-exploration. I loved watching her think about the answers and pick which one applies to her most. Some of her answers were pretty surprising!
At the end of each quiz, you count up the number of points assigned to your answers, and there is a short summary given. Each of them have some reference to the Bible or a Bible character in them.
This was my first FaithGirlz book that I have read, and I hope to get my daughter more of them to read.

#REVIEW and #FREE BOOK:Chronicles of Steele Episode 1: Free 8/27


Human life has value. The poor living in the gutter is as valuable as the rich living in a manor. The scoundrel is no less valuable than the saint. Because of this, every life a reaper takes must be redeemed. Raven has lived by this first tenet since she was trained by her father to become a reaper. But since his death, she’s been spending years redeeming the lives she’s taken. By her count, she’s even and it’s time for that life to end. If she settles down and becomes a wife, she might just feel human again. But on the way to the life she thinks she wants, the baron of New Haven asks her to complete a task which she cannot ignore… Just when Raven decides to give up on her life as an assassin, she’s pulled right back in. The Chronicles of Steele: Raven is a steampunk-inspired fantasy set in an alternate universe.


REVIEW: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
First I want to say that I'm not a steampunk kinda gal. I am a fantasy kind of gal, and Pauline Creeden has become one of my favorite authors this year. My love affair with her started with Abiding Flame, then went on to Santuary. This author doesn't stick with one genre like so many do. She continuously changes genres and does so absolutely flawlessly. From science fiction to post-apocalyptic and now to steampunk, she always does an incredible job of writing her stories and characters so that the reader falls in love with them.
The great part about this book, as short as it was, is that there were just enough fantasy elements in it that made me like it.
You had a heroine who didn't like the machinations of her steampunk world, and perferred a flesh and bone horse to one of the clanking, whizzing types.
You also have a boy who somehow sends all machines into absolute destruction and chaos whenever he has one of his episodes. That storyline itself made me continue to read, I need to get to the bottom of that.
I have fallen in love with this author, and hope others will read her books to see what an awesome writer she truly is.

Get it for FREE ON AMAZON 

clear boarder2

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Now onto the gorgeous covers designed by Graphic Designer, Keri Knutson of Alchemy Book Covers
Chronicles of Steele RavenChronicles of Steele Raven2 Chronicles of Steele Raven3Chronicles of Steele Raven4

REVIEW: Panic by Ryan Ringbloom


Robin fell in love with Kent, the boy next door, a long time ago. Once their romance is rekindled, getting married and starting a family seems like the obvious next step. But fate throws a wrench in that plan. Now Robin is tempted to walk away from their relationship rather than settle for anything less than perfect with the man she loves. Bailey is certainly not the boy next door, yet Shayna fell for his well-played act. But real love only exists in the movies. When a chance encounter binds them together, Shayna finds herself relying on Bailey more than she could ever have expected. And while their resources are slim and their circumstances are far from perfect, she and Bailey slowly discover that they do have something special to give…. When things don’t go exactly as planned, it’s hard not to PANIC. MATURE CONTENT Strong Language/Sexual situations

Rating: 5 stars

My Review: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
This was such an amazing book. Every character in there, from Robin (the scared, in love woman who thinks she's too flawed for the love of her life to love her back), to Bailey (the  bad boy who ends up in a nightmare trying to provide for the girl he knocked up), is so stunningly written you can't help but empathize with them every twist and turn of the pages.
Both of the situations were so well-written I could feel myself becoming emotionally attached to the characters, pushing for Bailey to step up to the plate, pushing for Shayna who obviously made a stupid mistake and has to pay for it, for Robin and Kent, the long-lost lovers re-united once more who struggle both for their love and the future they want.
I can't imagine someone not loving this book, although I can see how the past may come and haunt you if you were once in these situations.

Buy on Amazon | Amazon UK


About the Author

Ryan Ringbloom lives for anything Romance. The passion, love, angst, awkwardness... she loves all of it. When Ryan needs a break from reality she sneaks off to read a romantic story or write one of her own. Drinking coffee, reading Tweets and hugs from her five year old are the best part of her day. You can follow her on Twitter: @RyanRingbloom or visit her website at You can also find her on Goodreads and Facebook Feel free to contact her, she would love it!

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#TOUR: Beginning with Forever by Lan LLP

 Beginning with Forever
Title and Author: Beginning with Forever by Lan LLP
Publication Date: March 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Love isn't easy to forget even if you’re determined to never feel it again. It has a way of finding you when all hope is gone, resurfacing tender emotions you've buried deep in your core because the pain of acknowledging them is too much for you to handle.

Carson Bradley, CEO of a powerful pharmaceutical corporation is rich beyond boundaries with a missing soul. His heart faded away fifteen years ago with the death of his first love.He strives every day for the sake of his cancer research because he’s determined to eradicate it forever.

Lillian Ly is a humble, young medical student whose kind and generous heart is as vast as the universe. Being raised poor by a single parent; she matured quickly and respected the sacrifices her mother made for her. Lillian’s determination leads her down a stringent five-year path with no room for love.
When their paths cross at an unlikely place thousands of miles away from home, they both realize that fate has brought them together, and Carson will never let anything or anyone tear them apart. He knows how desolate life is without love and refuses to return to that empty place ever again.

Lillian enters Carson’s world with the purest intention of loving him with all her heart, but discovers that his volatile world will alter her uncomplicated life indefinitely. Regardless of what obstacles are thrown in their path, Lillian and Carson will endure them all to hold onto their forever from the beginning to the end.


“Carson, I’m freely offering myself to you right now. Please.” I plead fearlessly. I’m shameless and not above begging for him to take my body. Who is this sex-craved woman anyways?

     “Sweetness, you’re making it very difficult for me to resist you, to control myself.” He lowers himself intimately close to graze his soft, moist lips on my forehead, bridge of my nose and then intensely over my lips. The urgency of his need for me is translated through his kisses. Biting down firmly on his lower lip, it appears that he’s forcing the strength of his will to remain tame. Our eye contact is broken when he seals his shut to blind the temptation lying beneath his body. His hands grip the sheets desperately, clawing and then fisting. I think this is his last hope of hanging onto his dignity. “Goodnight Lily, only offer your body to me when you believe it in your heart,” he murmurs and rolls off me.

~Meet the Cast~

Buy From: Kindle Ebook | Paperback Kindle Ebook

~Carson & Lillian~

~Meet The Author~
Over a long year ago, I picked up a pen to jot down the first sentence of my vivid imagination. Those initial words were the seeds that grew into my flowering romance book, “Beginning with Forever.” With all my heart, I wrote, rewrote, edited, re-edited and now, I’m finally ready to share it with all of you. My one and only aspiration for this book is to have readers embrace my story and characters with their heart.If I can make someone laugh till their gut hurts, hate the villain with vengeance, cry till their eyes dry out, fall in love all over again, and drool over the hero or feel any other emotions, than I've succeeded my goal.
I’m the sappiest person in the world when it comes to romance. Don’t smirk! I believe in love at first sight, Prince Charming or in my book,Mr. Hot Billionaire, and happy endings. In my heart, every women deserves all three, and they will when they lose themselves in my books. Your fantasy can become a reality with just the flip of a page, so come join me.

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#PRODUCT #REVIEW: Dr Song's 20% Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin E

Rating: 4 stars

I'm really not one for makeup or even a night time skin routine, but the days do pass, and I am getting those fine lines and thought, why not try it? It can't hurt, right? So I received one as a promotion, a full 1 ounce bottle. When I used it, I found out a little really does go a long way. I can see this bottle lasting me at least a month with daily use. I found it was a little thick, but it is a serum. That being said, it is also a little sticky, but if you wait until it absorbs into your skin and follow it with a good moisturizer, you'll be fine.
After using it for about a week straight, I did start to see an improvement with the slight wrinkles around my eyes. I hope that after more use I will see even more improvement.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

#BLITZ and #GIVEAWAY: The Twisted Veil

 photo The-Twisted-Veil-Blitz-Banner.png
 photo The-Twisted-Veil-Cover.jpg
Title:  The Twisted Veil
Series:  A Twisted Sister Anthology, Book 1
Authors:   Dovey Mayali Cralk, Riley Ross, Kaydence Rayne, and Sally Slayer
Published:  August 25th, 2014
Word Count:  40,000
Genre:  Paranormal
Content Warning:  Mild Violence
Recommended Age:  16+
Join the Sisters as they twist the veil of reality as we know it.
Good and evil collide in The Memory Remains, a short story by Riley Ross.  Samantha has to protect her loved ones from an evil witch, who also happens to be her mother.
Not all is what it seems in An Almost Ghost Story by Dovey Mayali Cralk. Pippa Harrington moves into her dream house only to discover she isn’t the only occupant. What will she do about this “Griffin” who haunts her new home?
BONUS: Get a sneak peek into the full-length novel The Summer of Alyssa by Kaydence Rayne! Alyssa has been trying to get Seth’s attention for what had felt like forever, but his family secret demands that he stays away from her. What will happen if she discovers the truth?
BONUS: Get a sneak peek into Deviate 2 (A Cleo Perry Novel) by Sally Slayer! Cleo’s struggles continue as she tries to determine her identity and keep her sanity intact.
If you would like to read book one, just send proof of purchase of this book to and she will send you a free e-copy.
The Memory Remains Riley Ross “Hush baby girl, I am gonna keep you safe from her.” My grandma said softly as she touched my face. “She will never harm you. Delia and I will take care of you. My sweet baby girl, you are bonded to us.”
An Almost Ghost Story Dovey Mayali Cralk "Ha!" she laughed, "I'm not gonna be bossed about by some ghost! Sod off; I'm trying to unpack here." With that, she bent down and retrieved the cloth, then turned her back on him to spread it out on the table, picking up her tune again.
The Summer of Alyssa Kaydence Rayne "I suppose I should just come out and say it, because I can't stop thinking it. I would like to clear the air between us. Because, well, I haven't really seen you in years. And don't try to say some crap like, 'I see you every day', because it really isn't the same..." "I know," he cut her off, "and I have an explanation for it." She froze. This wasn't going as planned at all. She expected him to protest or something. She had a whole speech planned!
Deviate book 2 Sally Slayer "Hey, Cleo! What's got your panties in a twist?" Jack grinned playfully. I yelped and jumped, and cursed the blush that crept up my neck at his use of the word "panties". "Not a thing, all right? Not a damn thing." I grumbled uncomfortably.
 photo Twisted-Sisters.png
About the Authors:
The Twisted Sisters are a group of friends who happen to be writers. They had a cockamamie idea to write short stories together in a series of anthologies, and now they have! The Sisters included in The Twisted Veil include Kaydence Rayne, Dovey Mayali Cralk, Sally Slayer, and Riley Ross.
Riley’s Links: Goodreads | Amazon Author Page
Sally’s Links: Goodreads | Amazon Author Page
Kaydence’s Links: Goodreads | Amazon Author Page
Dovey’s Links: GoodReads | Amazon Author Page
Giveaway Details:
There is a tour wide giveaway. Prizes include the following:
  • Two $10 Amazon Gift Cards & a print copy of The Twisted Veil
Giveaway is International.
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