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RELEASE DAY EVENT: Constricted: Beyond the Brothel Walls by Rae Z Ryans

“Enjoy a morbidly assortment of heartache, tears, and sadness …immediately felt connected … flow is beautiful … this book is what perfection really is!” - Toni L.
The world sundered and the demons arose, warring against those neither God nor Satan had wanted.

Korrigan trained most of her life as a courtesan, submitting to the will of men.

Petre searched for the perfect woman to break his immortal curse.

Sold to Petre in Arcadia, Korrigan stumbled through her journey of love, treachery, and forgiveness. Secrets and lies whispered in the dark recesses of her mind as her past haunted her dreams.
What if all her master taught her proved to be wrong? As the weight of her new world compounded on her shoulders, slave and master hatched a plan to liberate the brothel and tear down the walls.
Beyond the Brothel Walls Saga #1
Lust ruled the demons. Seven signs have come and gone. Sloth ruled the vampires. Seven angels fell to the Earth. Envy ruled the courtesans. Seven Keys lay hidden amongst the Seven Angels. Gluttony ruled the rich. Seven families rose and fell. Wrath ruled the Horsemen. One family would bring the world to its knees. Pride ruled the Morning Star. The Horsemen must seize the keys. Greed ruled the world.

Author Bio
Rae Z. Ryans is a member of the RWA and RWA Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal chapter. She currently resides in Alabama with her family. Published since the age of fourteen, Rae enjoys writing romantic, erotic, fantasy/paranormal stories and poetry. Her name pays homage to her brothers: Specialist Ryan D. Rexon and Zachary U. Berthot.
She is currently working on Beyond the Brothel Walls #2: Altered. This post-apocalyptic, erotic paranormal romance is emotionally driven, dark fantasy.


Human life held value. A virgin body attracted more wealth than a used up hag. What my master had paid for mine, I hadn’t known. I’d been born of unfortunate circumstance and abandoned as an infant. Like most women in the rebuilt world, I’d existed as a slave to men. Slaves never voiced opinions if they’d wished to live. Without an owner, I’d wilt away or fall to the harsh conditions of the broken world.
At eighteen and on my birthday, all I’d celebrated was my new sale. With a single suitcase grasped in my hand, I’d boarded the steam engine, and departed Delphia for the first time in my life. My destination, over ten hours from the Hampshire House of the Lady, lay in one of the three surviving countries of the Sundering. Arcadia was where my new owner lived. Hard to believe it an improvement of my situation, but rather a woman belonged to a single man than those visiting the brothel.
“Ticket miss?” the man interrupted my daydreaming thoughts as the door to my compartment skidded open. I fished into the pocket of my used pea coat and handed him the crumpled documents. He whistled low as his eyes raked over me. My skin crawled with a hundred bugs, and my stomach lurched from the sudden jostle of the train.
“Business or pleasure?” He accentuated the pleasure. I thanked the dim lights and hid my blush in the shadows. His hand punched my ticket, and he marked something on his clipboard. But those eyes kept rolling over me, and his tongue grazed his teeth.
We slowed down, and my legs itched to run for it as the steam driven lights dimmed inside my train car. Vehicles, small ships, and some older trains operated on the steam systems, but the tracks were older and worn from the icy elements. Steam remained cheap; trash was by far the cheapest. That much I’d understood from the overheard newscasts and conversations. I shifted in my seat as the train pulled to a screeching stop on the platform. Fancy women and groomed men waited their turn as the passengers departed.
“Business.” I forced a smile and met his glassy stare.
Women were different now; I guessed but I had no notions of the real world beyond stolen moments of television. Even then, I hadn’t followed much of what they’d explained. New laws had passed, revoking old rules where men couldn’t own humans, let alone women as property. Females once established within the governments had found themselves forced from their positions. Even soldiers and officers found themselves without jobs, and they became instant scapegoats. God spoke; the man on the television had believed and blamed the rise of feminine power for the Sundering. Free men had believed the wild banter as the upper class citizens sought a reason. There lived a rationale for everything in life, and every wicked deed they had viewed as a punishment. To me it was a bunch of hogwash, but it had remained the truth.
“Awful long way to travel for a young miss such as yourself.” His eyes said what his lips hadn’t. I was alone and a slave. At least the tinted talc hid the marks in my hair, turning the twisted mass into a pale lilac shade. Wanton men took a glance and knew what services I offered. Usually, I wore two thick swatches of purple streaked through my dark hair. The unmistakable sign had announced to others that I remained pure –a prize among the men but a whopping, fat lie. Nothing about me was wholesome anymore, and everyone I passed knew it too.
Sure, to him I was young –small enough to pass for a child- bundled in my coat, but I’d forgotten about the uniform. Even hidden beneath the wool, my corset squeezed against my boney ribs and dug deeper into my already marred flesh. Years of training allowed me to block the pain, but I wasn’t used to the stares of strange men.
At the house, men knew better than to touch me when Jules was there. My body had belonged to him, and he remained their boss, but I couldn’t rely on him any longer. Instinct kicked in, and I moved away from the man, placing my body against the wall of my compartment. I shivered, but there wasn’t even a hairline gap between the metal barrier and me. He stepped forward, not bothering to close the door, and my heartbeat quickened. My lungs burned as he approached, and the scent of his aftershave nauseated my stomach.
“Excuse me,” a deep, accented voice called from the train car’s hallway. 

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EXCERPT and GIVEAWAY: From Now On by Susan A Royal


photo From-Now-On.jpg
Title: From Now On
Series:  It’s About Time Series #2
Author:  Susan A. Royal
Published:  May 23rd, 2014
Publisher:   MuseItUp
Word Count:  approx. 90,000
Genre:  Time Travel Adventure Romance
Content Warning:  Mild Sexual Content

Synopsis: Erin and Griffin’s happy reunion is short-lived when Isobeil sends him on a mission to mysterious Manx Island soon after their arrival in his world. Griffin asks for Erin’s hand in marriage and promises they’ll marry when he returns, but he doesn’t come back in the allotted time. Erin discovers Isobeil isn’t at all concerned he is missing. In fact she plans to use Griffin’s absence to send Erin back to her own time.
Erin’s old friend, Arvo, helps her sneak out of the castle. Together with his squire they travel to Griffin’s childhood home, seeking help from Griffin’s trusted friend, Sir Edevane. Erin and Griffin’s sister, Kat, share a touching moment before she is summoned by Griffin’s mother, Lady Gwyneth. After an uneasy confrontation, Gwyneth wishes Erin and Edevane Godspeed, sending them on their way. At a tavern along the way, they meet Rhylie and Sage, orphaned sisters who ask to travel with them to Swansea.
After they arrive in the port city, they make arrangements with Captain Akin for passage to Manx Island. Once they set sail, Erin discovers unexpected passengers. Against her mother’s wishes, Kat has followed them. Also aboard are Rhylie and Sage, on their way home to Manx Island.
They find Griffin’s horse, Bayard, running loose on the beach. Captain Akin tells them the vines tangled in his bridle grow only in Ballaugh Curragh, which is on the other side of the island, so they head in that direction.
When Erin and Bayard get lost in a strange mist, she stumbles upon a herd of pigs, led by a little man called Figg. He takes Erin back to camp. On the way, he admits he’s recently seen Griffin and Bayard in the company of strangers. And Griffin was being held against his will. Figg offers Erin his help.
At a small village on their way, they discover the strangers passed through days before. They are caught in a freak snowstorm and take shelter for the night in the ruins of an old church, where Erin glimpses a ghost keeping watch at a grave. That night she dreams of the woman and learns why she haunts the graveyard.
Armed mercenaries capture Erin and the others and take them to a hidden camp where Erin is shocked to discover her brother Aidan is the man in charge. He is under orders to level Ballaugh Curragh if necessary to keep H.G. Hammond, a power hungry murderer, from activating a device to set up his own empire in this time. She is even more determined to find Griffin while there’s still time. Rhylie and Sage help them escape and lead them to their childhood home outside Kirk Michael, where Rhylie tells the story of their father and mother and how they met.
Aidan catches up with them, and when his men disobey his orders, Aidan sends them back to their own time. Erin talks her brother into joining them. He shocked to discover Rhylie and Sage are his daughters. He realizes he’s got to find some other way to deal with Hammond. It’s one thing to sacrifice his life, but another thing altogether when it involves his family.
Iain is killed when a small group goes to scout out Hammond’s camp. They decide to strike immediately or lose the advantage of surprise. Once they arrive, Aidan sets off an explosion to confuse Hammond’s men and goes in to disarm the device. While he’s doing that, Erin finds Griffin alive, but trapped in the cellar of a building. She manages to save him before it caves in completely. Aidan is able to disable the device and fails to catch Hammond who escapes, but not before Akin can follow him to whatever world he is going.
Everyone returns to Lady Gwyneth’s manor. Erin and Griffin are reunited at last and their marriage takes place. Aidan manages to arrive in time to walk his sister down the aisle. After the ceremony Erin is stunned when Aidan approaches with two of the guests and asks Erin if she recognizes Dad and Mom.

In my dream I heard the sound of Griffin’s voice, and my heart beat against my ribs, leaving me unable to do more than whisper a response through my tears. “I’m listening.”     If only this was real.     The bed squeaked in sudden protest as he pushed himself up onto his elbows and stared wildly around the room. “Erin, where are ye? How did ye get here?”     He heard me? But how was it possible?     After a moment, he sighed and laid his head on the bunk. “I must be losing my mind.”     Without thinking, I darted across the room and dropped to my knees on the cold, stone floor next to the cot where he lay. “I’m right beside you, Griffin.”         “Erin, my love. It gives me comfort to know ye are safe at the castle.” He rubbed his eyes with the heels of his hands and yawned like he hadn’t slept in days.“But it tears at my heart, wondering if we will ever get to see each other again.”     “I’m coming for you, Griffin.” My fists clenched, and my throat ached. He heard me once. If only it would happen again.     “There has been no chance to tell you my heart has been yours since themoment I first saw ye standing in the courtyard, chin up and eyes blazing, and now it seems I might never…”     “Please. Please. Don’t give up.” It all hurt too much to bear. The sadness in his voice. The dull rattle of metal telling me he was chained. The pain he must be suffering. Sobs rose from somewhere deep inside and pushed their way to the surface.     Why couldn’t I wake up?

photo Susan-A-Royal.jpg
About the Author:
Born in west Texas and raised in south Texas, Susan makes her home in a 100-year-old farmhouse in a small east Texas town that comes complete with a female ghost who has been known to harmonize with her son when he plays guitar.
Susan is married and the mother of six (she counts her children’s spouses as her own) and five grandchildren who are all unique and very special. Her family is rich with characters, both past and present. Her grandmother shared stories of living on a farm in Oklahoma Territory with three sisters and three brothers and working as a telephone operator in the early 20th century. Her father told her about growing up in San Antonio in the depression, and she experienced being a teenager during WWII through her mother’s eyes.
Susan loves to take her readers through all kinds of adventures with liberal doses of romance. Her latest book is From Now On, a time travel adventure/romance. It’s the stand-alone sequel to Not Long Ago in her It’s About Time series. In My Own Shadow is a Fantasy adventure/romance. Look for her books at MuseItUp/Amazon/B&N. Odin’s Spear, one of her short stories is featured in a Quests, Curses, and Vengeance anthology, Martinus Publishing, available on Amazon.

Giveaway Details:
There is a tour wide giveaway. Prizes include the following:
  • One winner will receive an ecopy of Not Long Ago and From Now On, the first two books in the It’s About Time series.
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GUEST POST: By KSHITIJ BHOUMIK the author of Agony

Synopsis of Book: Set in a small county of Ireland, Agony depicts the struggle of Kewy, a young high school art teacher. Kewy find herself tormented by a series of haunted dreams, one connected to another. The dreams take her to a god forsaken place dwell with evil and are surrounded by death, fear and hopelessness. Even when she was awake, she hears strange voices and eerie knockings at her doorsteps. Things buried in her past, started communicating with her in the form of nightmares, sickening her soul and questioning her existence.
Kasper is a grocery boy who works at Finke’s- a popular shopping store in Louth. He has never seen anyone as mysterious and charming as Kewy. Einin is a catholic teen studying in Kewy’s art history class. She just needed a look on Kewy’s face to understand her agonies. Kasper and Einin, quickly become comfortable with Kewy and get involve in her problem, not knowing what they are getting into, not having the slightest idea that what waits for them in those dead woods. But as the three entered into Reinhardt County- the place from Kewy’s dream, they realize it was never about the fear and survival. The truth was earth shattering, but it becomes too late to get away from it...

Buy Link: Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Guest Post: My First Publishing Experience

It was the summer of 2010, when I decided to publish a book. It’s like being way ahead of time, since I was yet to write something. By then, I’d not written any blog or article, just few movie reviews and that too for the pictures, which I absolutely loved. I was pretty much clueless. Only thing I knew was I want to write. It was a sweet problem- a matter of creating something fresh and straight out of imagination. My ardent love for books, from the early days ignited my passion for writing and I knew, once I embark on my affair with fiction, there’s no turning back. So I started rummaging the links inside my restive minds for few days- feeling, laughing, soliloquizing in solitude, and trying to get into the heads of my characters. And the first time I sat in front of my laptop to type the first word of my first manuscript- it was magical. The feelings were short of describing and I kind of regretted of starting late, denying myself the pleasure of getting lost. I felt I was doing anything but writing, as the words started spurting out like repressed emotions. Chaotic, messed up as my life veered into a totally unexplored corner of my mind. I never knew, that part of me existed, though I’d my doubts. When I wasn’t writing, I pondered over the not so perfect lives of my characters. Nonetheless, it took me almost three years to complete ‘AGONY’. I rewrote plots, changed endings, introduced and reintroduced characters until I was satisfied.
   I never knew how hard a publishing and promotional journey could be, especially for the first time writers, but in a way, my ignorance proved blissful- as I took all the time in the world, writing to best of abilities, without getting bogged down by ‘what lies ahead’. Self-publishing, turned as a blessing because it sped up the post-writing process and provided all sorts of autonomy.  Whether to go with self publishing or hook to a traditional publishing deal is a matter of luck and personal choice. But I learnt one thing. One shouldn’t compromise with her/his writing and never be hesitate penning down her/his perspective. Not if one loves writing.
It’s so self-inspiring to see my name in print- making me want to do two things- write more, write better. And one important point: if you want to get it out in public- get it out loud, since there are lovers of almost everything. It’s just a matter of finding them.

Author Links: 
KSHITIJ lives near New Delhi, India. He loves writing and reading fictions, particularly the ones that envision the dark corners of human mind. He loves travelling and exploring the cultures and people through the medium of reading, travelling and watching. He was born in 1986 in Agra.
Twitter @PartridgeIndia

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REVIEW: Iscariot by Tosca Lee

Title: Iscariot
Series: none
Author: Tosca Lee
Published Date: February 5, 2013
Publisher: Howard Books
Format: hardback
Pages: 336
ISBN: 1451683766
Copy provided by: library
Genre: religious fiction
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Rating: 3 1/2 stars

Synopsis: In Jesus, Judas believes he has found the One—a miracle-worker. The promised Messiah and future king of the Jews, destined to overthrow Roman rule. Galvanized, Judas joins the Nazarene’s followers, ready to enact the change he has waited for all his life.
But Judas’ vision of a nation free from Roman rule is crushed by the inexplicable actions of the Nazarene himself, who will not bow to social or religious convention—who seems in the end to even turn against his own people. At last, Judas must confront the fact that the master he loves is not the liberator he hoped for, but a man bent on a drastically different agenda.
Iscariot is the story of Judas—from his tumultuous childhood and tenuous entry into a career and family life as a devout Jew, to a man known to the world as the betrayer of Jesus. But even more, it is a singular and surprising view into the life of Jesus himself that forces us all to reexamine everything we thought we knew about the most famous—and infamous—religious icons in history.

My Review: Ever since eighth grade, I've wanted to know about Judas Iscariot. I can attribute this fascination with a certain harsh punishment the entire Catholic school was given for embarrassing the principle for not answering the priest's question about who Judas Iscariot was. At the tender age of 13, I found out there really wasn't five full pages of information about the little known Judas Iscariot, before the Internet was around.
When I saw this book pop up on someone else's review blog, I knew I had to read it. I had to delve into the possible motives behind a man who would feel compelled to betray someone he obviously adored, someone that trusted him, someone he spent years with day in and day out.
This book was a pretty good delving into the mind of one of the most well-known traitors, one whose name has become synonymous with betrayal the world over. Americans know Benedict Arnold, but every Christian knows the name Judas, even if you don't know his last name.
While this was a good book to read, there were times when it seemed very long and drawn out, and that really made it feel kinda sludgy. It was a good book to get an insight into Judas' mind, but it could have been a little more action-packed.

COVER REVEAL and GIVEAWAY: A Magic Within by Sara V Zook


photo SaraVZook.jpg

About the Author:
Sara V. Zook is a paranormal/fantasy writer. She is the author of the Strange in Skin Trilogy, Clipped and Evanescent, Book 1 in The Sempiternal Series. She lives in Pennsylvania with her 3 small children and husband.

Excerpt from A Magic Within:
“What is that sound?” I asked in a whisper.  It was still far away but growing louder and closer by the minute.            Lydic put his arm behind his back and opened his hand for me to take it.  I slid my fingers into his and waited for him to let me know what to do next.  My heart was pounding out of my chest.  Another second passed and then Lydic turned, his eyes locked on mine as he nodded his head.  We took off to try to outrun whatever it was that was coming for us.  We had only gotten two steps in before I felt Lydic’s grasp on my hand slip away.  I turned around to see what was happening.  I screamed out in horror as Lydic was frozen in place.  He was still on his feet, but his head was drawn back and his eyes rolling into his head as if in extreme pain.            “Lydic!” I cried out.            The old woman was behind him.  She had that stick, the same one I had tripped over, held up in the air and aimed at Lydic’s head.  There were bright colors, green and yellow, pouring out from the end of the stick and going directly into his skull.  The woman’s expression was one of determination.  Her eyes were closed and her lips pressed together as she mumbled something I couldn’t understand.            What are you going to do?  Panic seized me.  Lydic was supposed to help me, not the other way around.  I didn’t know what to do.  I had to stop this, but how?            The high-pitched whistling grew louder and more intense.  It was starting to hurt my ears.  My gut told me that if I didn’t make a move now, it was going to be too late.            I took a step toward the stick and reached out and grabbed it with my hand.  I used all the strength I had to yank it from the grasp of the old woman.  Lydic fell to his knees.  The woman glared at me, a low growl escaping from her throat.  She lunged toward me.  Without having time to think, I instinctively swung the large stick at her, using it as a bat and she was the ball.  It collided with her head making a grotesque sound.  She collapsed to the ground.  Lydic looked up at me.  I was breathing hard, trying to understand what had just happened.         “What do we do?” I asked.  The whistling noise was almost to us, but I still couldn’t see anything.            Lydic glanced over his shoulder at the woman.  “Run!”
About the Book:
Title:  A Magic Within
Author:  Sara V. Zook
To Be Published:  June 18th, 2014
Genre:  YA Paranormal
Synopsis: Normalcy. I need to get back to a state of normalcy. What’s happened to me? Why am I here in this orphanage, and why am I forbidden to leave? Everyone is so very cruel here. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. It’s the paranoia getting to me. It’s like someone’s always watching, always listening. There’s a general fear around here, and for some reason, it seems fueled by my arrival, but why are they afraid of me? I didn’t ask for this. I don’t even know how I got here. I need to go home. My parents must be worried sick. There has to be someone here who can help me, who can give me answers and lead me in the right direction so I can get out of here. There is this one boy, Lydic. Could he be my key to getting out? I can see it in his eyes he feels sorry for me. He seems to know more than he’s letting on. These people aren’t like anyone I’ve ever met before.


Giveaway Details: There is a tour wide giveaway. Prizes include the following:
  • $5 Amazon Gift Card
Giveaway is International.
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REVIEW: Clockworkers by Ramsey Isler


Clockworkers-cover Samantha Chablon is a self-proclaimed “gadget girl”. She runs the family watch repair shop while her eccentric old father spends his days researching fantastical stories of elves. Sam loves her father, but his odd habits have always been a mystery and a burden on the family. But that all changes after her father dies, and she discovers what he left for her. Sam has inherited a real elf. Piv is his name, and he is far older than his boyish face and personality would imply. But he's also wise, and as an elf he is gifted with a preternatural proclivity for making things. Sam's father taught Piv everything he knows about making watches, and he works faster than human hands could ever move. Sam, being much more enterprising than her father, sees opportunity in Piv's talents. Soon Piv is not the only elf working for Sam as she goes about building a luxury watch empire powered by secret elf labor. But the elves have remained hidden from humans for good reason, and it's not easy to keep a factory full of territorial elves secret in the middle of a metropolis. One night when someone attempts to break into the factory, the elves take matters into their own hands. The incident gives Sam a glimpse of a dark and twisted side of elves that no fairy tales ever mentioned. Samantha will soon discover that great ambition often comes with great risk, and although her elf partners have agreed to work without pay, there are other costly consequences involved in striking a deal with elves.

Buy on Amazon

Rating: 4 1/2 stars

REVIEW: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 
If you think this is going to be a happy book with happy little elves, like the Shoemaker and his elves, you are dead wrong. This definitely isn't horror, but has some horror qualities to it if you are expecting some sort of frolicking fairy type elves. These elves remind me of very true Dungeons and Dragons type elves. True neutral, with a nonchalance about the human world. 
And Sam....oh, I hated her. The author really made me hate her, and that's the sign of a great author, the ability to force a visceral reaction towards a character. God, is she ever a USER! Oh, I so didn't like her. She deserved everything she got at the end, and even then, in my opinion, it was too little too late. Personally, I would have liked to see a less happy ending for her. 
This book is so well written that I just wanted to keep reading, trying to see when she would get her just desserts. I absolutely loved this book.

About the author:

ramsey_isler-author-photoRamsey Isler is an author, software developer, and designer who lives in Los Angeles. He loves books, anything with circuits and wires, and cats. For fiction, Ramsey usually writes urban fantasy that blends elements of science fiction and suspense. His stories feature young protagonists that are often unsure of themselves, but they find the strength to persevere when faced with extreme circumstances. Ramsey does not write traditional "evil" villains or black-and-white morality tales; he instead opts for antagonists and anti-heroes who have viewpoints and ideals that pose difficult moral challenges for the protagonists, and the worlds they inhabit.
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PROMO and GIVEAWAY: Cutlass Anne by HL Wampler

 photo 7dd5c7ec-09b6-46ab-8720-f39ccbe7b97b.jpg

After setting out to save her sister, Anne Crowley finds herself face-to-face with the notorious John Jacks, the son of a ruthless pirate captain. John Jacks thwarts Anne’s every move yet she finds herself attracted to the infuriating pirate. Determined to find her sister, and resist the charming John Jacks, Anne and her band of pirates must search the high seas for clues to finding her missing sister before she’s lost forever.

About the author:
 H. L. Wampler, a Pittsburgher all her life, has been pushing her way toward the publishing dream for the past five years while raising her twin boys. She also blogs as The Pittsburgh Housewife and contributes to Pittsburgh Sporting News during hockey season.
Wampler is available for interviews and appearances. For booking presentations, media appearances, interviews, and/or book-signings contact
Contact the author!

“This is where you’ll be sleeping,” Flynn said, pushing open a small door.
I peeked inside and was taken aback. The room was no bigger than a closet. The bed was nothing more than a cot with a pathetic little mattress on one side of the room and a miniature writing desk in front of a tiny window. It was dark, drab, and nothing like my room at home. I suddenly had second thoughts about what I was doing.
“Disappointed?” Flynn asked.
“No, it’s fine,” I lied. I was a cabin boy now; I could not expect the luxuries of a governor’s daughter any longer. It was a sacrifice I was willing to make in my journey to find Jane.

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PROMO: The Power to See by Jennifer Anne Davis


photo Power-to-See.jpg

Title: The Power to See
Author:  Jennifer Anne Davis
Published:  May 23rd, 2014 by Crimson Tree Publishing
Word Count:  99,000
Genre:  NA Crime, Suspense, Romance
Content Warning:  Graphic violence, sexual themes including assault, adult language, and drug usage

Recommended Age:  18+
Synopsis:  At first glance, twenty-two-year-old Brianna’s life seems perfect. But she harbors a deadly secret—her father is the leader of a ruthless drug cartel. Brianna struggles to find her place in a world her father meticulously controls, and believes she is nothing but a pawn in her father’s deadly games.
After graduating from college with an enormous debt, Dominic finds himself lured by money and power into a job that appears too good to be true. He doesn’t realize he works for a drug cartel until he’s in too deep. Trying to keep his family safe, he takes a deal offered by Brianna’s father and agrees to marry Brianna while continuing to work for the cartel.
Brianna and Dominic must rely on one another as their lives become further entwined in the lethal drug world. When Dominic discovers a deadly secret, he begins to question everything and turns to Brianna for support. However, Brianna’s heart belongs to another man—an undercover DEA agent.
The DEA closes in on the drug cartel, forcing Brianna and Dominic to choose sides, igniting a battle between family loyalty, love, and survival. Brianna soon realizes that she may be the only person capable of bringing down her father’s empire—if she can find a way to outsmart the master manipulator, without losing herself, and her heart, in the process.

It was hard for Dominic to imagine Brianna friendless. Her voice was desperate and he realized she must be lonely. He wanted to be the one to fill that void. “Brianna, I know we each want a real marriage, and we’re hoping we can make this work—that we can be happy. But before we can have a marriage and truly be in love with one another, we need to be friends. Sometimes great love develops through friendship.”She hugged Dominic. “Why did you take this job?” she cried. “You’re such a nice guy—you’re nothing like him. How can you do it? How can you work for him?”Dominic almost lost his train of thought with her arms wrapped tightly around him. He smelled her sweet perfume and felt the warmth of her body. He held her tight, not wanting to let go. “So far he seems nice. We get along, although he’s a little bossy at times.”            “He’s a monster,” Brianna said. “He somehow managed to have me drugged with GHB.”Dominic flinched. The last time they spoke, Salazar suggested Dominic give her something to loosen her up. “What’s GHB?” he asked, afraid of the answer.  “The date rape drug. It’s the only thing. A glass of wine wouldn’t make me drunk, and it sure as heck wouldn’t make me forget what happened. The way you describe my behavior is consistent with someone who has been given GHB. And the room—it was all romantic and neither one of us did that. It was my father.”What dad would do that? “It doesn’t make any sense,” Dominic said, not wanting to believe her. Brianna’s body shook. “In case you haven’t figured it out, Salazar isn’t your typical father. He lives in a different world than what you’re used to. Salazar’s life is centered on family—and his drug empire is part of that family. To him, blood is what binds. Now that he has chosen you as his successor, our marriage will tie us, but you won’t be bound until you’ve produced a child.”Dominic shuddered. Things were starting to look different now. When he first met Brianna, she talked about love and fate. Now she spoke of ties and being bound. The entire situation seemed surreal. Thinking back to the nightclub, Dominic wondered if the bodyguard had slipped the GHB into Brianna’s glass of wine. He had the perfect opportunity when he brushed up against Dominic.“My father has done worse,” Brianna said. “A lot worse. He should know by now that he doesn’t have to stoop to such measures. All he has to do is tell me what he wants, and I’ll do it. I thought we were past the games.”

About the Author:

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Jennifer graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in English and a teaching credential. Afterwards, she finally married her best friend and high school sweetheart. Jennifer is currently a full-time writer and mother of three young children. Her days are spent living in imaginary worlds and fueling her own kids’ creativity.


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BOOK BLAST: Intercepting Love by LP Dover


Both have what she wants … but only one has what she needs.

Intercepting love_highWorking with professional athletes and helping them recover from their injuries has always been Kate Townsend’s dream, but after an accident left her scarred and heartbroken years ago she refuses to let what happened in her past happen again. Staying focused is the key, as well as not letting her feelings interfere with her job … no matter the circumstances. All of that is easier said than done when not only one, but two men crave her healing touch, igniting every single desire she’s denied herself for so long. Cooper Davis, NFL’s star quarterback and most eligible bachelor, packs up and leaves his home to move across the states to the East Coast after an injury results in the embarrassing trade to another team. Bitter from the pain, he deals with his problems through drugs and alcohol—almost ruining his football career—until he meets the one woman who makes him want to feel; the same woman who refuses to give up on him no matter how many times he screws up. He has to have her, and he’s not going to stop until he makes her his. Especially, now that someone else threatens to take her away. Motocross champion and local bad boy Luke Collins never takes no for an answer. For the past four months he’s used his charms to get what he wants, and now he’s so close to getting the girl of his dreams … if she’ll give in just once. One time is all he needs, and he’s never been known to fail, but he’s also never had to fight for a woman’s affections. Only one man will win their way into Kate’s heart, but which one will intercept the other and take what they want? Which one will she choose?

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Intercepting love

Meet L.P. Dover:

LPDOVERPIC1USA Today Bestselling author, L.P. Dover, is a southern belle residing in North Carolina along with her husband and two beautiful girls. Before she even began her literary journey she worked in Periodontics enjoying the wonderment of dental surgeries. Not only does she love to write, but she loves to play tennis, go on mountain hikes, white water rafting, and you can't forget the passion for singing. Her two number one fans expect a concert each and every night before bedtime and those songs usually consist of Christmas carols. Aside from being a wife and mother, L.P. Dover has written over nine novels including her Forever Fae series, the Second Chances series, and her standalone novel, Love, Lies, and Deception. Her favorite genre to read is romantic suspense and she also loves writing it. However, if she had to choose a setting to live in it would have to be with her faeries in the Land of the Fae. L.P. Dover is represented by Marisa Corvisiero of Corvisiero Literary Agency.

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

REVIEW: NIV New Spirit-Filled Life Bible

Title: NIV New Spirit-Filled Life Bible
Series: none
Editor: Jack W Hayford
Published Date:
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Format: hardback
Pages: 1920
Copy provided by: Book Look Bloggers program
Genre: bible
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Rating: 3 1/2 stars

Synopsis: Find the Holy Spirit throughout the Bible. Jack Hayford, founding pastor of The Church on the Way, has led a team of anointed scholars to produce the New Spirit-Filled Life Bible. This outstanding resource offers a fresh look at the Scriptures and the work of the Holy Spirit. This Bible addresses important issues of Spirit-filled living in the context of solid biblical scholarship.

My Review: I received a copy of this bible in exchange for an honest review.
As soon as I opened the box, I fell in love with this Bible. I love the cover of it, along with the silver ribbon marker. The silver along with the teal is a beautiful combination. As I started flipping through the pages however, I came across two pages that had very large tears in them. This disappointed me greatly. I put myself in the position of a consumer that had just spent $45 on either a new Bible for themselves or a gift for someone, and I would be very upset. Yes, I expect perfection from a new book, especially from a publisher like Thomas Nelson who prides themselves on the quality of their Bibles.
Moving into the Bible itself, it offers several things:

  • Kingdom Dynamics: 41 themes throughout that offer values as we share the gospel everywhere.
  • Word Wealth: This appealed to the geek in me as more than 500 words are defined with the original Greek and Hebrew meanings.
  • Truth-In-Action: charts that have practical application at the end of each book.
  • Each book has its own introduction in detail, helping to bring it into perspective.
  • Study notes that I don't feel are as comprehensive as the publisher would have you believe, but very thorough.
If this Bible were in optimum condition when I received it, it would easily get 4 stars. As it is, it received 3 1/2 from me from a consumer point of view.

REVIEW: Amity by Michol Ostow

Title: Amity
Series: none
Author: Michol Ostow
Published Date: August 26, 2014 (expected)
Publisher: Egmont USA
Format: ebook
Pages: 368
ISBN: 978-1-60684-380-2
Copy provided by: NetGalley
Genre: horror
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Rating: 4 stars

Synopsis: For fans of Stephen King and American Horror Story, a gruesome thriller suggested by the events of the Amityville Horror.
Connor's family moves to Amity to escape shady business deals. Ten years later, Gwen's family moves to Amity for a fresh start after she's recovered from a psychotic break.But something is not right about this secluded house. Connor's nights are plagued with gore-filled dreams of demons and destruction. Dreams he kind of likes. Gwen has lurid visions of corpses that aren't there and bleeding blisters that disappear in the blink of an eye. She knows Amity is evil and she must get her family out, but who would ever believe her?Amity isn't just a house. She is a living force, bent on manipulating her inhabitants to her twisted will. She will use Connor and Gwen to bring about a bloody end as she's done before. As she'll do again. Alternating between parallel narratives, Amity is a tense and terrifying tale suggested by true-crime events that will satisfy even the most demanding horror fan.

My Review: I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
I knew there was a reason why I didn't read or watch terrifies me. Fortunately, it wasn't so bad that I had to sleep with the lights on, and I was able to get my head out of the story and actually get some sleep every night.
The book itself was very well written, and a very psychological book. Part of the greatness of this book is in its absolute possibility. Every thing that we sense is filtered through our brain, and one small break in a person's psychological capabilities can turn a normal person into a sociopath.
This is not a retelling of the Amityville story, although there are many many similarities to it. It's a twist that brings you into two different timelines and two different, very broken people. Overall, it was a great horror book to read that didn't keep me too terrified. If you're a hard-core horror enthusiast, you may find this to be a bit disappointing in your ability to fall asleep at night.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

COVER REVEAL: Just Desserts by Tawdra Kandle


Just Desserts 5When her friend Julia needed help forming a revenge plan against her ex-boyfriend, Ava was happy to lend a hand. She never expected that in the course of making Liam pay, she'd be the one to fall hard. . .for the one person who was absolutely off-limits. Crushing on the guy who humiliated her best friend is definitely against the girlfriend rules. Besides, Ava has goals. Her life is all about graduating with honors and landing the perfect job. And Liam Bailey--sweet-talking, complicated son of a well-known local politician--isn't part of those plans. But Liam doesn't give up easily. And he doesn't intend to let their friends' opinions, his parents' disapproval or Ava's past get in the way of what he wants--Ava's heart.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

RELEASE DAY Party: Behind His Eyes Convicted: The Missing Years by Aleatha Romig

THE MISSING YEARS is the final piece to Aleatha Romig’s CONSEQUENCES SERIES puzzle. Follow the twists and turns as secrets are revealed, consequences are delivered, and the future is shown.
In CONVICTED we saw what happened that fateful afternoon at the Rawlings Estate. Now experience the shocking repercussions firsthand. More than a companion, this full-length novel fills in the gap of time that was only mentioned, beginning when Claire Nichols forgets and seen through the eyes of collective men (the HIS is plural).
In THE MISSING YEARS, readers will see Anthony Rawlings fight for what belongs to him and cope with the reality of his past. Watch as Harrison Baldwin discovers the truth that threatens his beliefs, and as John Vandersol comes to terms with his revelations. Witness Phillip Roach, as he decides with whom his loyalties lay, and Brent Simmons, as he demonstrates the meaning of friendship—no matter the cost.
As the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, BEHIND HIS EYES CONVICTED goes beyond. This final installment of the series offers a glimpse into the future of the lives that will forever be changed because there was a man who...
Once upon a time, signed a napkin that he knew was a contract. As an esteemed businessman, he forgot one very important rule—he forgot to read the fine print. It wasn’t an acquisition to own another person as he’d previously assumed. It was an agreement to acquire a soul.

—Aleatha Romig, CONVICTED

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About Aleatha Romig:

Aleatha Romig is a New York Times and USA Today best selling author, who has been voted #1 "New Author to Read" on Goodreads July 2012 - Present!
She has lived most of her life in Indiana, growing-up in Mishawaka, graduating from Indiana University, and currently living south of Indianapolis. Together with her high-school sweetheart and husband of twenty six years, they've raised three children. Before she became a full-time author, she worked days as a dental hygienist and spent her nights writing. Now, when she's not imagining mind-blowing twists and turns, she likes to spend her time with her family and friends. Her pastimes include exercising, reading and creating heros/ anti-heros who haunt your dreams!
Aleatha enjoys traveling, especially when there is a beach involved. In 2011 she had the opportunity to visit Sydney, Australia to visit her daughter studying at the University of Wollongong. Her dream is to travel to places in her novels and around the world.

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