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#REVIEW: Plush Bible Collection, NIrV published by #Zondervan

Title: Plush Bible Collection, NIrV
Series: Plush Bible Collection
Author:  various
Published Date: September 30, 2014
Publisher: Zondervan
Format: hardback
Pages: 1152
ISBN: 9780310747000
Genre: Bibles

Rating: 5 stars (from my 4th grade daughter)

Synopsis: The Plush Bible Collection, NIrV uses a similar size and readability as the popular Thinline Bible, now available in the New International Reader's Version (NIrV). This Bible has a soft plush cover, designed especially for kids.

My Review: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
The Bible is a good size for children about the age of 8-10. The cover is made of a soft plush, pink and sparkly material that has a harder support material underneath it. It makes it seem very durable and yet appealing to children who love the color pink. I’ve also seen a purple version of this as well, so if your child prefers purple, it’s out there.
The pages as just as thin as any other Bible and the type is small. To be expected since it does condense the entire Bible down to less than 1200 pages.

My daughter is a fourth grader, and she says it is easy to read, although some words are difficult for her. The Bible isn’t an easy compilation to read as an adult, so I completely understand! However, if it’s easy enough for her to read and enjoy, I’m all for it! Children won’t struggle through reading something, they would rather give up if its too far above their reading level, and its only a source of frustration. I don’t want my daughter growing up frustrated at the difficulty of the Bible.

#REVIEW: Imperfection by Phaedra Seabolt

Title: Imperfection
Series: Pure Blood #1
Author:  Phaedra Seabolt
Published Date: July 23, 2013
Publisher: Hayson Publishing
Format: paperback
Pages: 146
ISBN: 978-1492729587
Genre:  paranormal
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Rating: 4 ½ stars

Synopsis: Meara Falk always followed her parents' rules, until one night in March when the temptation to let loose changed her life forever. Nine months later, disowned and with a baby on her hip, she discovers werewolves are real after being on the wrong end of one’s teeth and claws.
When her first change is upon her, werewolves attack her home, stealing her son and driving her out of her home. Now she’s looking for the man who kidnapped her baby and turned her life upside down.A war is brewing between the two packs with Meara’s son being in the center. Will she be able to get her son back before losing everyone she cares about?

My Review: Coming from a background where I followed all my parents’ rules, I could completely understand Meara. Of course, I never got a free ride to college; I think that would have forced me to be even more by the rules than I normally would have been. But then Meara bends to the peer pressure and ends up making bad choices that change the course of her life.
I liked the way Meara stood up for herself and her baby, instead of bending to her parents’ wishes. The way she took things one step at a time and focused on what is needed, instead of completely falling apart, showed a strong will that was not seen earlier in the book when she bent to the peer pressure.
Was there a spark of chemistry I noticed between Garret and Meara? Oh, I think something is brewing in the air! I can’t wait to see how that evolves in the series.

Once I started reading this book, I couldn’t put it down and finished it in a day. Overall, I absolutely loved this book, and I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

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#FREE #BOOK: Rogue Alliance by Michelle Bellon Free on 11/21 ONLY

RA free day

Rogue Alliance is free on Amazon - November 21st, 2014 ONLY

rogue_alliance_250x375While still a child in Redding, California, Shyla Ericson killed her father to end years of abuse. She’d left town shortly thereafter, changed her name, and started a new life, eventually becoming a highly decorated DEA agent. But some history doesn’t stay buried. When Shyla goes undercover to bring down drug kingpin Victor Champlain, the case takes her back to a town that hasn't forgotten her, and to a past she thought she’d left behind. Then, she meets Brennan Miles, a genetically altered kidnap victim, who has been turned into a weaponized super-human. Victor helped Brennan escape from a hidden genetics research facility known only as The Institute, where he'd been held and experimented on for years. In return for his freedom, Brennan now works for Victor as his bodyguard. Shyla is drawn to Brennan's strength, and to his humanity. Even after she discovers his secret — he must have human blood to survive. Shyla knows she can’t take down Champlain by going through Brennan — he’s too strong — and he’s loyal to Victor.

Buy on Kindle FREE today only

Michelle Bellon

About the author:

Michelle Bellon lives in the Pacific Northwest with her four beautiful children.. She drinks ungodly amounts of coffee and has an addiction to chapstick. She works at a surgery center as a registered nurse and in her spare time writes novels. She writes in the genres of romance suspense, young adult, women’s fiction, and literary fiction. She has won three literary awards.

Website | Facebook | Facebook Author Page | LinkedIn


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#GUEST POST and #GIVEAWAY: Burnt Edges by Dana Leipold

 photo Burnt-Edges-Banner.png
 photo Burnt-Edges.jpg
Title: Burnt Edges  
Author:  Dana Leipold
Published:  October 21st, 2014
Word Count:  56,000
Genre:  Women’s Fiction
Content Warning:  contains sexual abuse and domestic violence
Recommended Age:  18+
Synopsis: Abuse or an uncertain future. This is Laurel Lee Page’s choice when she is faced with an unplanned pregnancy at 18. Born into a broken family, all she has ever known is guilt and shame. No matter what she does or who she meets, Laurel appears to be living a condemned life but she is determined to find independence and freedom in spite of her family’s legacy of hatred and self-contempt. Can Laurel see that she is in a powerful position, poised to break the cycle of abuse? Set in Southern California during the tumultuous 1960s era, Burnt Edges is based on true events and proves that strength can be found even in the most horrific situations.
Laurel decided that Rusty was Mother’s favorite child. The afternoon in the garage had been proof. But because he often took the brunt of Father’s anger, she felt a bizarre kinship with him. She also loved the stories he would tell when they had nothing to do. He would make up tall tales like the one about spacemen who came to Earth to taste hamburgers because they had none on Mars. He described them as little green men with antennae. “Whenever they come to visit, people find their hats missing, because the Martians steal them to conceal their antennae,” Rusty said. “That’s just silly,” Laurel said. Gerry sat in the dirt, playing with rocks and half-listening. Laurel thought he’d rather be playing football or punching some kid, so he sometimes got bored of the stories. “No, it’s true, really.” “What did they do to hide their green skin?” Laurel asked. “They also steal women’s pancake makeup and put it all over their faces. Helps them blend in.” “Ew, they wear girl’s makeup?” Gerry said, sticking out his tongue. Laurel giggled, imagining Martians wearing makeup and hats just to get a taste of a hamburger. “Why don’t they just steal the recipe and learn how to make hamburgers on Mars?” Laurel thought she’d caught Rusty off guard with this question. “They tried that once, and it was a disaster,” he said, picking up rocks and throwing them against the fence in their backyard. “Yeah, it almost wiped out the whole Martian race.”
“What’d they do, get all sick and throw up?” Gerry laughed at his answer. Rusty threw a rock at Gerry but missed him. “No, moron.” He kept throwing rocks without saying anything. Laurel thought he was trying to come up with a good story. She waited another moment. “Well, what happened?” she asked. “I’ll tell ya! Don’t rush me!” He stopped throwing rocks and sat Indian style, his elbows resting on his legs, hands clasped together so he was leaning forward a bit. “The explorer Martians who had just come back from Earth brought the hamburger recipe to the King of Mars. They told him about the most delicious food they’d ever tasted and that they had brought the secret to it. The king was excited and told his royal cook to make up a batch, but they don’t have meat on Mars.” Rusty paused, and Gerry rolled his eyes, waved his hand, and climbed the rope up to the tree house. Rusty watched him, but Laurel was listening, waiting for Rusty to tell the rest of the story. “Go on,” she said. “Nah, no one cares about the dumb old story,” he said. “I do! Tell me!” “All right, but it’s horrible!” “I don’t care. Tell me!” “Okay, don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Rusty paused and then he began again. “So the cooks tried to figure out what to do. They didn’t want to tell the king that there was no meat. Once a cook had told the king he was all out of Martian mush-rooms and the king executed him. They thought and thought about what to do, and then they called in the royal jester.” “The jester? What does he know about cooking?” Laurel asked. “Exactly.” Laurel looked confused. “So the jester came in, and the cooks smashed him on the head and put him in a boiling pot. Once the Jester was done cooking, they ground him up into bits and fed him to the king.” “Yuck!” Gerry must have heard about the cannibalism. He peeked his head through the hole in the tree house. “That’s disgusting,” he said, loud enough for Rusty and Laurel to hear. “The king loved it and ordered the cooks to make more. So they did. This time they called in the royal guard, bopped him on the head, boiled him up, and fed him to the king. The king couldn’t get enough of those hamburgers, so he made a royal decree stating that the official food of Mars was hamburgers.” Gerry had the tree house door open and was sitting on the floor with his legs hanging out. Laurel shook her head. “The cooks went through the whole Martian Royal Army, the royal court, and most of the Martian population before the king caught on. He ended up executing the cooks, but now the King of Mars comes to visit Earth himself, because he loves hamburgers.” “That’s the dumbest story I ever heard,” Gerry said. “If it’s so dumb why did you listen to it?” Rusty answered back. “Hamburgers aren’t that good,” Laurel said. “Not as good as pizza.”
 photo Dana-Leipold.jpg
About the Author:
Dana Leipold is a freelance writer, author, and member of the Association of Independent Authors and Creativity Coaching Association. She has self-published two books: a collection of limericks in Dr. Seuss-style for adults entitled, Stupid Poetry: The Ultimate Collection of Sublime and Ridiculous Poems, and a non-fiction book entitled, The Power of Writing Well: Write Well. Change the World, to help writers get their message heard, create stories that connect, and leverage the power of writing well. In addition, she coaches other writers on story structure, messaging, and writing skills so they can achieve their dreams to become published authors. Leipold lives with her husband and two children in the San Francisco Bay Area.
 GUEST POST: Hardest Scene To Write by Dana Leipold

Burnt Edges is a book I had to write, not one I wanted to write. I often tell people who ask me how I wrote this book that I feel like I didn't write it. I just sat at the keyboard and typed. Since most of the book is based on real events, I wanted to make it as realistic as possible but also infuse it with dramatic elements to entice the reader. I spent a lot of time researching facts and culture from the 1960s, like slang terms. The most difficult scene to write was when the main character, Laurel, is molested by her father. I had to maintain a balance between realism and being too explicit. My goal was to not be too graphic but really get into the feelings of shame and detachment that abuse victims often experience. I learned that detachment is a defense mechanism for survival. It was extremely emotionally draining to write that scene. I remember it was pouring rain that day but I didn’t care, I had to go outside and “wash” myself while taking a walk to get it out of my head. My hope is that readers will experience this same emotion and connect at a deeper level with the main character.
Giveaway Details:
There is a tour wide giveaway. Prizes include the following:
  • 5 Lucky Winners will each receive a $10 Amazon gift card.
Giveaway is International.
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#TOUR: Reckoning by RS Broadhead

Reckoning 3 copy  

  RECKONING 2       2a8c3-gr2bbutton
Author: Author R.S. Broadhead
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy/ New Adult
Release Date: October 31st 2014

Cover Jacket:



  Reese Salt has had a strenuous past year. Being introduced into a world of monsters, training non stop, fighting against a growing force that terrifies her, and falling in love with her trainer has drained her. Things are not getting better. In fact, they seem to be out of control. After discovering she isn’t entirely human, Reese is afraid to open up to those around her. She sees herself hunted and locked away in a cage. Someone close to her in the group is manipulated by Derek and abandons them to join forces with those they are fighting against. Once finding out that Derek has plans for Sim, Reese brings him to the training camp. This sets things on a downward spiral for her. Feeling betrayed by Steele, she leaves in search of a normal life. A normal life is a hope she can’t have anymore. She is a part of something much greater than she knows. All things keep leading her back to a truth that is just out of her reach. What will it take for her to openly learn what her role is against Derek? Can Reese accept who she really is? A fight is coming for her, a fight she can’t escape.  


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About R.S. Broadhead:

  I was born and raised in the small town of Jackson, AL, which was chosen as the back drop for my story. Growing up with very little recreational activities I had to do something to help the time pass and make things in my life sound more exciting than what they actually were. That's when it all started....a scrapbook that held a countless number of photos of my friends and me. Of course these were normal photos, but I would take these photos and create an array of different stories that lead into one blossoming fictional world. I have been married for nine years to a wonderful and very supporting man and have been blessed with two spunky, prissy girls. However, our family wouldn't be complete without our whizzy, gassy Pug. I graduated from Troy University with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a master's degree in Business Administration.

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#PRODUCT #REVIEW: Fulcrum Gallery.com

Image found at Fulcrum Gallery

Hi everyone,
A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a representative from Fulcrum Gallery to review a product for them. I would pick any item under a certain amount of money, and it would be shipped to me to review. After trying desperately to convince my two kidlets the beauty of Monet or the abstract wonder of Van Gogh (I guess art appreciation doesn't come till later), we agreed on the above framed picture. I sent in my order, and about a week and a half later, it appeared on my doorstep.
One thing that I absolutely love about the website is the huge, and I do mean huge, assortment or images to choose from. From Monet, to giraffes, to images of far off galaxies, and MC Escher, the offering is enough for anyone of any taste.
The website itself is very easy to navigate, with a search option and the ability to filter by frame, canvas, or print, as well as style, color, shape, and size.After I picked the giraffes (called Giraffe First Love if anyone else loves this picture as much as we do), I had an option to customize the order. and pick between a black, silver or gold frame, or I could get it as a canvas print or an art print, or if I really wanted to go wild I could completely customize it with different frames, mats, different types of glass, or different types of plexiglass. The number of options are insane.
After I put my order in, I got a confirmation number and tracking number. I figured it would take at least 3 weeks for it to come, so I didn't even look at it. A week and a half, maybe even less, I was surprised to find it on my doorstep, waiting for me. That was quick! It was in perfect shape, packaged very professionally and safely. It didn't come broken, or even scratched.
The only downside that I've found, is the method of hanging the picture. It is definitely not what I'm used to. There is a metal strip that you have to nail to the wall with three nails that the picture then hangs on with its own metal strip. In a way, it makes it easier so you're not constantly re-angling it when it goes crooked. However, it also means that you have to get it completely level on the first try or you will find yourself with a few too many nail holes in your wall.

Over all, I'm very pleased with my experience at Fulcrum Gallery.

Rating: 4 1/2 stars

#RELEASE DAY: Hart Attack by Crisitin Harber


We're so thrilled for the release of HART ATTACK by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cristin Harber! Roman and Beth's sexy and explosive story is not to be missed!

CristinHarber_HartAttack_1400px  About HART ATTACK Outside of Titan Group, there are few people that Roman Hart would die for. He’s a soldier, a protector, and he’s haunted that one of the people he should’ve been able to protect didn’t let him. That was years ago, and now a hardened heart and a cocky attitude are his impenetrable shields, until one woman—one challenge—drives him to distraction. On the outside, Beth Tourne has it all. Luxury car, gorgeous condo, and a job partying with the rich and famous. It’s a plush CIA cover, but she wants more. Anything for an adrenaline rush that can override her guilty numbness and let her forget the tragedy she never saw coming. Their scars make them perfect operatives. Their mirrored pasts give them deep, wounded reasons to stay alone. But the more they ignore the tension, the more vulnerable they become. Survival means trust. In one another, behind closed doors, and on the job. The only way they’re making it out alive is if they find peace while waging a war. Add HART ATTACK to your Goodreads list here!
Amazon | Barnes and Noble (coming soon) | iBooks | Kobo
Her lips tingled for wanting feel his against hers. When he stepped away, she couldn’t stand losing him. Her fingers grabbed his thick arm before she could think better of it.
Roman looked at her hand then at her. “Don’t tempt me, Beth.”
None of the reasons to stay away mattered when she needed to forget everything. “But—”
Roman backed her against the wall, hands crawling up her arms, down her back. His body was too cut, too big. Too much to want to say no to. She arched into him, on him, her breathing far too stilted.
His fingers traced her jaw, his lips so close to hers. “You’ve changed your mind?”
No. Maybe. “Yes.”

ABOUT CRISTIN HARBER Cristin Harber is a USA Today bestselling romantic suspense and military romance author. Fans voted her onto Amazon’s Top Picks for Debut Romance Authors in 2013, and her debut Titan series was #1 romantic suspense, #1 military romance, and a USA Today Top 100 bestseller. She lives outside Washington, DC with her family and English Bulldog. Website | Newsletter | Facebook | Team Titan Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads
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