Wednesday, January 9, 2013

REVIEW: Medusa's Desire by EB Black

Title: Medusa's Desire
Series: The Fate of Eros
Author: EB Black
Published Date: Nov 22, 2012
Publisher: self-published by author
Format: ebook
Pages: 145
Copy provided by: author
Genre: mythology
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Rating: 2 1/2 stars

Goodreads synopsisWhen Medusa was beautiful, finding a man to love her was easy. Poseidon fought for glances from her heavy-lidded eyes against hundreds of suitors who proposed whenever she left her house.
Athena grew jealous. She allowed Medusa to be violated in the Parthenon and turned her into a monster for her indiscretion.
Now when she stares into the eyes of men, they scream as their skin hardens into stone. A caress against her cheek will be rewarded with the poisonous bites of the snakes that slither on her head.
No man is brave enough to approach her, until Perseus is ordered by the gods to kill her.
When they meet, desire sizzles between them. They are willing to risk it all-death, the wrath of the gods, the destruction of their families-if it means they can spend one more night together.

My review: First I'd like to thank the author for providing a copy of the book to me for an honest review. It took me awhile to actually get into the book and the characters. I didn't like Medy in the beginning and couldn't really empathize with her reasoning behind doing what she did for money. 
Once I did start actually getting into the characters, it was 1/2 way through the book and I got a few strange glances by my husband whenever I would groan aloud. Medusa has got to be the whiniest character I've read for awhile. I truly wanted to slap her a few times. 
Don't get me started on Perseus...well, let's get started on him anyways. He was worse than Medusa. He was like my 4 year old, and then add in a few adolescent male moments where he'll make any excuse possible to sleep around (and keep Medusa hanging on). No wonder she was so whiny. The whole relationship between then from the beginning was one big Greek tragedy. 
The only time I felt any sympathy for either of them was at the end of the book. 

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to read and review my book.

    I appreciate your honesty! It's hard to be a book blogger and give your real opinion on the book when you hated it. But that's all I ask for, honesty. =)