Thursday, April 10, 2014

EXCERPT: Illusion by Jamie Hope




By Jamie A. Hope When alluring teenager Salem Stone becomes a magnet for assaulting demons and suddenly develops superhuman abilities, family secrets are revealed that will not only endanger his life and the life of his childhood love—but the lives of everyone on earth. Back Story: Magnetic teenager Salem Stone dominates the football field, wrestling mat, and hearts of all of the girls at his school. But off the mat he is easy going, especially when it comes to his childhood love, Sarah. Salem lives a charmed life until he is attacked by demons, leaving him with physical wounds. Salem struggles to keep the repeated assaults a secret, until he confides in his long time best friend Ben, who strangely dismisses the wounds with a logical explanation. When Salem attempts to outrun the menacing demons, he develops superhuman abilities, leaving him with even more questions. Looking for an escape from the mental and physical torture, he becomes fixated on an irresistible new girl at school, Lily. As Salem focuses his attention on Lily, everything around him devolves into chaos, including his relationship with Sarah. What he soon finds is the relentless pursuits by demons and his superhuman abilities are triggered by the same source—life threatening family secrets. Just when he thinks his family and friends are not who he thought they were, he discovers he's not who he thought he was either—and that he is the most hunted teenager on the planet. And he has just been found.

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Not again!

Salem looked up at the day-lit window. He watched as the formless shadow spiraled around the rays of sun beaming into the church and striking the altar. The shadow’s moves were slow and deliberate. Salem balled his hands into fists, his veins protruding through his forearms.The shadow crept over to the large wooden cross hanging from the ceiling and spiraled around it.

Salem looked around the congregation at his family and the other parishioners. They all stared at the preacher—even his little sister, though she wouldn’t understand what he was saying. Why don’t they see it? Why am I the only one that keeps seeing these things?He forced himself to look back at the cross.It’s gone.He felt relief and unclenched his fists. He was getting tired of the constant stalking that had begun not too long ago. He decided once again to let it go and hope that if he ignored the shadows they would eventually leave him alone.“Ouch!” He flinched as he looked over the deep scratches manifesting through his forearms. Sarah loved his flawless olive-toned skin. It wasn’t flawless anymore.

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