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#REVIEW: Thundered Hearts by Rae Z Ryan


Everyone knows the truth except her. Nineteen-year-old Beth lives in a world of Creek Indian myth, magic, and lies created by her family to keep her Power weakened. Spirit Walkers harness the elements. Storms brew spewing her electrical energy over her hometown. Weaved into her spiritual journey is her birthright, but her family and the Native American Mandate bars her from fulfilling the destiny set by The One Above. Lucien needs her help. She saved his life once before. But three years ago, her best friend stormed from her life, ridiculing her and leaving invisible gashes sliced into her heart. Persevering on the surface, she dreams of fighting the terror haunting her town and the man who stole and broke her heart. Her chance arises in the wake of The Green Corn Festival. Lucien arrives sick on her doorstep, but she isn’t a medicine woman. Despite the pain he causes her, she cannot let him die. Faced with the truth of her world, Beth must decide. Does she save the man she secretly loves to hate or does she fulfill her destiny?

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 Rating: 3 stars

My Review: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Just based on the cover, this story had me hooked. The cover looks awesome. It's not like the covers I usually like, its not simple and easy, but something in it just drew me to it.
The story line itself is very busy, too busy. I think there are too many elements that are competing for attention in the book, and it can get distracting to the main story line. In fact, there are so many competing story lines, I wasn't sure which one is the main one. Is it romance between her and Lucien, or is it the story line between her and her family, or is it the story line of how Bethy comes into her powers, struggling with her heritage?
In the book, there were many tiny details that were missing that constantly made me feel like I misstepped as a reader, making me go back and double-read to see what I missed. The whole beginning of the book before the Mandate show up had me second-guessing myself, thinking this was a second book in a series. It had me completely confused.
And don't get me started on this whole dysfunctional relationship between Beth and Lucien.It was so dramatic, it was over the top. She hated him, she loved him, she pushed him away and ran, but she could't live without him. And he was the same way. Push her away when she aggravated him, push her away to sacrifice himself for her, have sex with her. He pushed her away, he made fun of her, and yet, she couldn't let him go. Relationships like these end up on Jerry Springer....just sayin'.
I did enjoy the whole Creek Indian heritage and lore. It was very interesting, and was the one thread that really kept me reading.

About the author:

Rae Z. Ryans PhotoRae Z. Ryans currently resides in Tumbleweed, Alabama, with her family, and belongs to the Romance Writers of America. Published since the age of fourteen, Rae now enjoys writing romantic, erotic, fantasy/paranormal stories, and poetry. Her name pays homage to her brothers: Specialist Ryan D. Rexon and Zachary U. Berthot. She is currently working on Death Spurs Desire and Afflicted (Book Three in Beyond the Brothel Walls) Facebook | Twitter | Literary Addicts | Pinterest | Goodreads | Blog

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