Tuesday, January 12, 2016

#REVIEW: Gathering Darkness: A Paranormal Romance Collection

Title : Gathering Darkness: A Paranormal Romance Boxed Set
Series: none
Author: various
Publisher: City Owl Press
Published Date: November 10, 2015
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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Synopsis: There is a gathering on the horizon... It's a place where Vampires feed off your desires, Weres dominate you, Demons seduce you and Aliens whisk you away to fulfill fantasies you never knew you had. Where your darkest appetites are sated, leaving you weak and breathless... Come and join us as we lead you into the Gathering Darkness.

Stories included in this set:

Close Liasons  by Anna Zaires & Dima Zales

The Time Stopper  by Dima Zales

Shifted Undercover  by C.E. Black

Capturing Her Bear  by Charlie Daye

Bitten by Choice  by Izzy Szyn

Let The Fur Fly and Red's Wolf  by Jenika Snow

Walking Dead Girl  by Lili Saint Germain

Dragon's Chase  by Mina Carter

Zane (Were Zoo One)  by R.E. Butler

Captive's Kiss  by Sharon Kay

My rating: 4 1/2 Stars

My review: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
I originally got this from one of the authors, Sharon Kay, because she knows how much I adore her books and stories. And it was no different this time around! Captive's Kiss was yet another amazing story of hers, in the world I have come to know and live that started with the Solstii Series. Tanner and Saige are an incredible couple, brought together in the heat of the Solstice, a rabid Mating time for any denizen of her world. The story got off to an explosive start, meandered into an actual storyline (sorry y'all, this isn't just erotica), and ended with a....well, I won't spoil the end for you! All the while, I got to read and see more of the characters I have fallen in love with, the ones I have missed.
Of course, since her story was at the end of the book, I had to work my way from the back to the front.
But in the meantime, I have been able to be exposed to authors I have never read (yay!), and enjoy wonderfully written paranormal romance stories.

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