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#EXCERPT and #GIVEAWAY: Blood Moon Magick by SM Blooding

2.3h Blood Moon Magick Detective Paige Whiskey has a lot on her plate. A gate to Hell is permanently seared into her soul and she has no way of controlling it. She let a psychotic serial killing demon free in exchange for Dexx’s life. Her sister is about to have a baby and a whole world of crazy has opened in the Whiskey household. And, if that wasn’t enough, she and Dexx are trying to figure out their relationship. They’re about to discover a world that has been hidden from the Whiskeys. A world of shapeshifters, werewolves, and vampires. A world that was hidden to end a bloody war. A war between shifters and witches. Paige has to make a decision. Solve this murder and start a war? Or ignore it and keep her family safe? But when Dexx is bitten, all everything changes. War? Or love? Why is nothing ever simple?


A scuffle. Someone grunted. Another person growled.
She glanced at Dexx and headed in the direction of the sounds. She unzipped her jacket and drew her weapon.
Dexx jogged around a dark SUV and slowed to a stop, a confused frown marring his face.
Paige clicked off the safety of her Micro Eagle and turned the corner of the vehicle.
Two men fought in the patch of grass between the parked cars, but something was off with both of them.
One man had fangs.
The other had fur. And was growling.
Paige stepped into the grass and leaned in. “Gentlemen?”
The fanged man stopped, relaxing his face. He tugged on the sleeves of his impressive business jacket and narrowed his green eyes at the other man.
A woman peeled herself out of the shadows, her hands raised. She was tall, blonde, and gorgeous. Her tight, red dress left very little to the imagination. Her high-heeled shoes made Paige’s feet hurt just looking at them. “It’s okay. I’ve already called the cops. You can—” Her ruby red lips curled in a smile as she flicked one well-manicured finger. “—leave. There is nothing to see here.”
“I am the cops.”
The furry man faced her. The “fur” was only along his jaw and hands. His ears were longer than a human’s, like an elf-dog. His eyes glowed yellow, and he had more than fangs. He had a full set of sharp teeth.
How were the cops supposed to handle something like that?
“Rosy, Rosy, Rosy,” a familiar voice said behind her.
Paige blinked, her mind scrambling to figure out a lie to tell her partner. She didn’t even know what she was lying about.
Whoa! What? Tony? What was he doing here?
“What have I told you? Keep your dog on a shorter leash.”
Tony entered round circle of light from the overhead parking lot lamp.
His words registered and the mind-scrambling stopped. She raised her chin, a frown furrowing her brows. “Tony.”
He froze, his eyes wide. “Paige.”
The hairy man stood, his face morphing into human. “That’s your partner, right?”
How’d he do that? She knew better than to ask that question. She turned to Fang Man instead. “What happened out here?”
He straightened his shoulders, his expression smug. “We were just having a friendly argument.”
“Then, why did Rosy feel the need to call the cops?”
“She didn’t call the cops. She called me.” Tony stepped toward Paige, his hands raised. “Care to put the gun away?”
“When you explain to me what’s going on here.”
Tony slid his dark gaze to Rosy. “Take your dog somewhere outside the city limits. I don’t want to see him anymore.”
The woman sighed. “It’s hard to break them in out there, Tee. You know that.”
“Not here, Rose. All right?”
“Fine. Fine. Fine. Come on, Pete.” Rosy’s high-heeled steps disappeared around the truck.
Tony turned to Fang Man. “And you?”
“Just teaching the pup a lesson.”
“In public.”
“It wasn’t public until your partner showed up.”
Tony dropped his chin and sighed, his lips flat.
Fang Man straightened his jacket. “Fine. We need to get you a new job.”
Once everyone had left in their vehicles, Tony turned back to her.
By that time, she’d re-holstered her weapon.
Dexx came to stand at her back, quiet but ready.
“Okay.” Paige crossed her arms over her chest. “Tell me what just happened.”
Tony narrowed his eyes and mimicked her position. “You read me into what happened in Louisiana, and I’ll read you into what’s going on here.”
She already had a hunch. Vampires and werewolves were real.
But having her partner in on this part of her life?
Actually might be very helpful.
Fine. He wanted read in. No problem. “I’m a demon summoner and a witch. In Louisiana, a demon kidnapped me, cast a spell in my bones, and now I house a living door to Hell inside me. Now, you.”
He gestured his concession. “I’m a vampire.”

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