Saturday, August 6, 2016

#REVIEW: Angel In Training by CL Coffey

Title: Angel in Training
Author: CL Coffey
Series: Louisiangel #1
Publisher: Smashwords
Published date: February 17, 2016
Pages: 312
Buy It Link: Amazon

After a night out turns fatal, a misunderstanding with the Archangel Michael presents Angel with a chance at Eternal Life: the opportunity to earn her wings and one day become an archangel herself. Angel is given the task of protecting her charge, trainee detective, Joshua Walsh.
There's no denying the attraction between Angel and Joshua, only Michael has pretty strict rules: no drinking, no drugs, and certainly no relationships with humans. Thankfully, she's got other things to deal with, like trying to convince Joshua New Orleans has a serial killer who is preying on other angel potentials like herself.
Angel must quickly learn that when keeping someone safe, doing the right thing is not always the easiest, especially when you've got an archangel looking over your shoulder.
My Rating: 4 stars
My Review: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Oh my gosh, what an awesomely fun book to read. Having grown up in New Orleans, I love reading books with New Orleans as the city in the story. And yes, that was the main reason why I started reading this book. But, ultimately it was not New Orleans that kept me reading page after page with my kindle glued to my face. The author has a fantastic way of writing a story that keeps you reading, creating characters that keep you engaged, and a storyline that doesn't lag behind.
Angel is more than a little miffed at the way her answer to the question that basically boiled down to, "Do you want to live or die?" turned out. And who can blame her? She's just out of her teens, her life has been turned upside down, she's now an "angel in training", she's supposed to protect a super hot guy, and keep her hands off him. Well, I think I'd be a little miffed too. And of course, trying her hardest isn't enough for her trainer, the archangel, Michael himself.
I'm not sure I've ever read anything by this author before, but this is a new series to keep on my radar!

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