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EXCERPT and GIVEAWAY: Lakebridge Autumn by Natasha Troop

Title: Lakebridge: Autumn
Series: The Lakebridge Cycle, Vol. 3
Author: Natasha Troop
Publication Date: March 17, 2014
Genre: Horror Fantasy

The town of Stansbury, Vermont has survived over four hundred years of tragic events. The town survived because the otherworldly beings and powerful humans that have always controlled the lives of the people willed them to forget each terrible event. As the bloody conflict between those forces has been raging, the people have stopped forgetting. Fear and grief have replaced peaceful ignorance and the powers that be no longer care. In Lakebridge: Autumn, Stansbury will fall.


Alexandra Grayson looked up from her phone for a moment to stare at her son. For the first time in over a thousand miles, there was something more than a surly teenager angry at being transplanted from his life. He would never understand it was far more a disruption of her life as it could ever be his. When you’re 16, things seem dire, but life is in flux anyway. When you’re 45, losing everything you’ve known for over half of your life - your home and place in the world and mostly your real friends - the ones that would still be there on the phone or the net or whatever, but really wouldn’t be there.
She believed there was the family you were born into and then the real family that you made for yourself, the people who mattered beyond blood ties and who you loved because they had earned your love and you theirs. She saw her blood family as an obligation. It wasn’t that she didn’t love them, it was that she was obliged to do so and that caused stress. For as much as she would do anything for them, she didn’t like them very much and if she had to choose where to spend her vacations, she’d rather sit in a coffee shop with Brenda and Lainie talking about the nothing important of life for hours on end than visit her mother and have those important conversations about all the mistakes she had made over the course of her life and how those mistakes were dooming her children to fail miserably. Fail the way she had when she had chosen not to be a dermatologist and pursue a career as a graphic artist because it would make her happier.
It had until her company shipped the jobs over to South Africa where people apparently had more time and fewer demands. That conversation would take up about 30 minutes before she went out back to smoke a joint and try not to cry and hope her kids didn’t see her run out back upset from the harshness of her mother’s words. After that, there would be a tense week of pleasantries and repeated trips to the back yard to defuse her ever-armed emotional bomb. The sad fact was, visiting her mother was infinitely preferable to visiting Sandy’s parents. Agatha and Whitmore saw her as a climber who obviously married their son in the hopes of gaining access to their immense estate which wasn’t really all that immense anymore. It had been immense about two generations before, but had slowly dried up over generations of Graysons who felt that it was their God given right to be wealthy without having to do a damned thing about it. Sandy was fairly sure there would be nothing like a fortune left for him when his parents finally kicked the bucket. She secretly hoped they would die soon just so she would no longer need to visit her rich in-laws who couldn’t even bring themselves to say hello to her without including
the word “gold-digger” in the tone of their voice. They didn’t even like their grandkids, whom they apparently saw as an inevitable drain on the Grayson family coffers. Fortunately, visits to the Grayson estate were few and very far between. Invitations were not extended and requests were not made. It worked out well for all of them.

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Author Bio
Natasha grew up in Southern California and currently lives in the Los Angeles area with her spouse, son, daughter and menagerie of pets, including a Basset named Moose and a very overprotective collie dog. What currently surprises her more than anything about her life is how much of it is just sitting there on Google, there for the taking. This scares her more than anything. The Internet never forgets.

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