Sunday, September 14, 2014

REVIEW: Psalms: A 12 Week Study by JI Packer

Title: Psalms: A 12 week study
Series: Knowing The Bible
Author:  JI Packer
Published Date: June 30, 2014
Publisher: Crossway
Format: ebook
Pages: 96
ISBN: 9781433540981
Genre: Bible Study
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Rating: 5 stars

Synopsis: The book of Psalms powerfully resonates with the whole spectrum of human emotions and experiences, resounding with heartfelt praise, humble confession, and honest lament.
Plumbing the theological depths, this guide explains the biblical text with clarity and passion--exploring the Bible's ability to transform our emotions and incline our hearts toward worship.
Over the course of 12 weeks, each study in this series explores a book of the Bible and:
Asks thoughtful questions to spur discussion
Shows how each passage unveils the gospel
Ties the text in with the whole story of Scripture
Illuminates the doctrines taught in each passage
Invites you to discover practical implications
Helps you better understand and apply God's Word
My Review: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
I think this is one of the best Bible studies I've seen. I haven't gone through any others of the Knowing the Bible Series, but I've heard only good things about them. Now I see why.
This Bible study is based on the ESV Bible translation which can be found at Crossway in both paper and ebook formats. Each chapter goes through a section of the Psalms, then ties it in with the Gospels in the "Gospel Glimpses", asking pertinent questions for you to reflect on. Afterwards, it ties it in the the entire Bible, in the "Whole-Bible Connections" with questions for you to reflect on. Finally, the chapter ties it in with the historical background of the Israelites, with questions as well.
Each chapter is easy to read and I enjoy that it ties it in with the rest of the Bible, making the Bible one entire Book, instead of seeing the Psalms separately from the rest of the Bible.

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