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#REVIEW and #GIVEAWAY: The Adelheid Series by Mia Darien

Titles: Cameron's Law / When Forever Died / Voracious / Written All Over Her / Disposable People
Series: Welcome to Adelheid
Author: Mia Darien
Genre: Paranormal Suspense


Cameron's Law

Vampires are people, too.

Cameron's Law has made all supernatural creatures legal citizens, and the boy next door has suddenly become the werewolf next door. With Sadie Stanton, vampire and one of the public faces of the legislation, calling the little town of Adelheid, Connecticut home, it can't help but be a focal point for these once mythical beings.

But when vampires start attacking werewolves without provocation, Adelheid draws the attention of those that would seek to have Cameron's Law repealed and would send the preternaturals back into the shadows they used to hide in, but without the safety of their anonymity and their law.

Can Sadie keep the city's two biggest species from descending into chaos and war before it brings all of them to harm? And can she do it when she herself gets thrust into the spotlight?

RATING: 4 stars

My Review: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
The author has created a world very similar to ours where preternatural creatures, such as vampires, shifters, and fae, have come out of the closet, so to speak and have fought successfully for their rights. A year after the law has been created giving them their rights, Sadie, a vampire, is not only dealing with the grief she has over the death of her lover, Cameron, the one whom the law is named after, but she is trying to create a business that helps both the human and preternatural groups.
As to be expected, as we've seen in history, some humans are not so happy about the preternaturals getting rights equal to humans. Those people are bent on making Sadie's life very difficult and getting the law revoked.
I really enjoyed Sadie as a character. She's not happy about being in the spotlight for the entire preternatural group, and she struggles as she finds herself having to be the bridge and peacemaker between the Vampires and shifters. This makes her very relatable as a leader because the best leaders are those who struggle, where it doesn't come easily but they still come out on top and do what is best for everyone involved.
Overall, the writing was good. The action was well-paced to a point where it kept the story line going. There weren't any hiccups in the action, so no real lulls.

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When Forever Died

Forever is a long time.

The life of a hunter is a lonely one. Perhaps more for Dakota than others in her line of work. Not only is she better than anyone else at chasing down the things that go bump in the night, but her past chases her with the same tenacity.

She's built walls around her solitary existence and that's the way she likes it, but the past never sleeps. When she's hired to hunt an ex-lover for murder, it's just the first in a string of memories that will bring Dakota's past, present and future into a collision course.

And when she agrees to take on a second case and hunt down an Ancient, a vampire over one thousand years old, it unleashes circumstances onto that collision that will shake the foundation of everything she's built and force her, for the first time in a long while, to look to others.

Can she survive it, like she's survived these past four centuries? Or will the weight of it all finally crush her?

RATING: 3 1/2 stars

My Review: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
We first meet Dakota, a very mysterious character, in the first book of the series, Cameron's Law. She's prickly and a loner and I love her. I think I like her so much because she is so mysterious.
This book is kind of a standalone. There are scenes in it that you won't really get unless you read the first book, but it is possible to read it as a standalone.
In this book, you really get to see a very relatable, human side to Dakota, past all the walls and thorns she puts up around her. This is my favorite part of the book. In the story, you get to see her past, put into flashbacks and dreams. The German part really threw me, as it's not a language I would prefer to know, and it was difficult to understand.
The pacing of the book is just as good as the first book of the series, and it pulls you in from the beginning.

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Sometimes, life doesn’t begin until after you’re dead.

Days stretch out in a series of predictable steps. A to B to C to A. Work. Friends. Life. But for some people, it’s not enough. It’s not enough for D. Possessed of a ravenous hunger for more, he’s at a loss for how to find it.

Until he meets Cielle. She’s everything he’s looking for: new and exciting.

And a vampire, which he’s less crazy about.

But when “new and exciting” Turns him, D is forced into an undead life he never anticipated. Trying to adjust to this new existence is hard enough, but he’s about to get more than he ever bargained for.

Will it be enough to sate his hunger?

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Written All Over Her
One word can change the story of your life forever.

Abduction. Torture. Surrender.

Eleven months from her adolescence have framed thirty-one years of Detective Nykk Marlowe’s life. Despite the trauma of her past, and the unique physical scars it left her with, she’s built a career as a detective for the Adelheid Police Department.

Her personal life might only consist of caring for her sister and a pet rabbit, but she accepts that.

She accepts that she’ll never be able to be like “normal” people, even the supernatural ones. As long as she can keep the past where it belongs, she’s okay.

But when the body of a teenage girl shows up with the same scars that Nykk sees in the mirror every day, her “okay” life gets turned upside down and she’s forced to confront the past she’s been looking away from for sixteen years.

And when it turns out there’s already more than one victim, the pressure’s on to stop the killer before any more girls are tortured, mutilated, and murdered.

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Author Bio
Born a Connecticut Yankee in nobody's court, Mia Darien grew up to brave snow and talk fast. She started reading when she was three and never looked back, soon frequently falling asleep with a book under her cheek. (Something she still does, though these days it's her Nook as often as a paperback.)

At eleven, she discovered "Night Mare" by Piers Anthony and entered the world of grown-up fantasy fiction and it was all over from there. She started writing at fourteen, then met vampires as a teenager and the concept for what would become Adelheid was soon born. Epic fantasy remains her first love, but she enjoys writing whatever stories come to mind in any genre.

Now she loves both writing and helping her indie community with her freelancing. A geek till the end, she enjoys role-play by email games and World of Warcraft when she has the time. Married to her very own Named Man of the North, she lives with him, their mini-tank (also known as their son) and pets, who usually act more childish than the child.

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