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REVIEW: Dinétah Dragon by Don A Martinez

Title: Dinétah Dragon
Series: Phantom Squadron #2
Author: Don A. Martinez
Published Date: February 23, 2011
Publisher: Desert Coyote Productions
Format: ebook
Pages: 290
Copy provided by: author
Genre: paranormal fiction
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Rating: 3 1/2 stars

Goodreads synopsisIn 2015, the author discovered by accident a budget accounting for a mysterious Special Forces team operated solely by the CIA. In questioning its origins, he was put in contact with Ariel Sharpe, one of the team's members, who agreed to meet with him in a secret location to share her story.
Ariel's life is one of isolated existence, both physically in the Arizona desert and emotionally from her surrounding peers. The isolation becomes even greater when she volunteers for a secret government project, only to wind up bound to a genetically engineered dragon, complete with the scaly complexion and beastly abilities. When she escapes this sinister experiment she crosses paths with a Navy man who steers her into Special Forces.
This team of professional soldiers, all of which embody legendary archetypes, becomes her new family, a place where she truly feels welcomed among people for the first time. The team's adventures in the shadowy supernatural world, though, hold the fate of the entire world in the balance, culminating in their final mission to stop Armageddon itself from commencing in the place where Ariel's story first began, the deserts and mesas of the American southwest.
Through pain and joy, through suicide attempts and vicious fighting, Ariel survived to tell her tale. Learn how she not only reached a peaceful existence ... she truly earned it.

My review: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 
At first I was a little leery of reading this book. The first book of the series, The Advance Guard, had not really impressed me all that much, and I was afraid this series would go the way most series go.....downhill, with the first being the best. My biggest complaint in the review of the first book was the lack of character development. And now I understand why.
The second book is all about Ariel, whom, as I read this book, truly became the soul of the group. One character referred to her as the heart of the group, but I disagree. She's the soul. She's the one who seems to feel the deepest, empathizes the most, and brings emotions (good and bad ones) deepest into her. 
Now I wonder....will the next be about one of the other characters? Will we finally get to know more about the shrinking mage, Cyrus? My curiosity is piqued enough for me to really want to read the next book!

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