Saturday, December 1, 2012

REVIEW REDUX: Wings of Fire by Caris Roane

(Originally posted 09/29/2012)

Title/Author: Wings of Fire by Caris Roane
 ISBN: 031253373X
 Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks, Aug 30, 2011
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 Rating: 4 stars

 Goodreads synopsis: By night, the winged warrior Antony Medichi fights the death vampires who threaten his world. By day, he hunts the rogue vampires who invade Mortal Earth. But deep in his heart rages the fiercest battle of all—his soul-searing passion for the one mortal he is sworn to protect…the one woman he is doomed to love.

After a rough patch with reading Hey God, Are You Really Really Up There? I needed a palette cleanser, and a healthy shot of paranormal romance was exactly was the doctor ordered. I fell in love with this series from the first book, and as the series progresses, I fall more and more in love with the world. This book opened up some more of Madame Endelle (will she find a breh eventually during the series?), and we actually meet James, the Sixth Dimension being who has been giving a gentle hand to the Warriors against their arch-enemy, Commander Greaves. All of this while the main story of Antony and Parisa blossoms, and more forward story propels us into the next books in the series. I love the way the author introduces just enough forward story to keep us interested in reading the next in the series, while also keeping the focus on the actual story of that particular book. The war between Commander Greaves and Madame Endelle have come to a head, and are slowly tipping in the Commander's favor (not a good thing for those who have not read the series yet). However, this is just the third book in a series that is at present count 6 books long with one novella between books 2 and 3, so I'm hoping to see more of the good forces winning.  

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