Monday, February 25, 2013

It's Monday! What Are you Reading?

Last week, I had a stack of 6 books and said that if I could get through half of them in the week, I'd be doing good. Well, one of them I finished (and reviewed!), my fun book for the month got put aside halfway through reading because I've got deadlines looming, the third book was finished (but I won't be reviewing that one just yet), and finally fourth one is almost finished.

So as I look at my calendar in the next few weeks, my TBR pile looks like this:

By roboartemis. Found on
So this week it looks like this:
  1. The Swords of Gregara - Honora by Cynthia Woolf
  2. Demon Lover by Juliet Dark
  3. The Water Witch by Juliet Dark
  4. The Hot Shots by Stephanie Queen
  5. The Chronicles of Trellah by T.S. Graham
I'm still hoping to get back to my fun book for February (Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn) and finish it this week.