Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Literary Addicts #1: Stalker Week!

Pick your favorite author that you love to stalk and just can’t get enough of!
I don't do stalking. My MIL loves to stalk Danielle Steele, James Patterson, and some others. As soon as she hears a new book is coming out (which seems to be once a week for these authors!), she's all..."Kristin! Can you get this book for me?!" 90% of the time I can get it pretty quickly for her, for her Nook.

But, no, I don't do stalking, famous people, authors or unfamous people who may not be authors. I don't have enough energy to do it. Usually I find out about a new book probably weeks after it comes out. However, if I would stalk any author, it would probably be Caris Roane (I've got a review of her newest novella, The Darkening, scheduled for next week). She's the author of the Guardians of Ascension series. She's awesome. Her writing is awesome. I'm secretly hoping she'll leave a comment on my review next week! (Oh god, do I sound like a teeny bopper stalker type now or what?)

So, if you want to stalk her for her obviously awesome writing abilities...go ahead!

Caris Roane Website | Caris Roane on Facebook | Caris Roane on Twitter


  1. Define stalk?? Is it following them on twitter then I do that, is it following them in every official web page they have and visiting them constantly then nop sorry I don't have the energy nor the extra motivation needed for that

  2. I haven't heard of her before. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I don't actively stalk a lot of authors, but i do subscribe to their mailing lists so that I know when to expect releases.

    I'm going to have to check out this series you're talking about. it's right up my alley.

  4. The only James Patterson books I have read are the Maximum Ride series which I loved - although the last couple have been quite redundant. I know he has so much more out there but I haven't quite gotten there.