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REVIEW: Glistening Rebellion by Jill Cooper


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Sci-fi Dystopian (Sequel to Glistening Haven) In Glistening Haven, Jenna Morgan fought to uncover a government conspiracy. In Glistening Rebellion, she fights for her life. New Haven 57 is opening for business—bigger landscape, nicer homes, and tougher reconditioning techniques that will make resistant glistenings docile. A caravan of glistenings from overcrowded concentration camps are enroot to their new home. For Jenna Morgan it’s the final job before she retires forever to a happy low key life. When the escape glistenings from New Haven 56 attack, a simple transportation job turns into life or death. Jenna does the unspeakable and is pulled back into a fight she wants no part of. With an assassin on her tail, her loyalties are questioned. She will need to decide once and for all, which side she’s on as she teeters on the brink of full out war.  

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Rating: 4 stars

Review: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I am not required to give a positive review.
First, this is the second book in a series, and you really need to read the first book to understand any of the world or story-line. However, if you do go back and read the first book, it is a worthwhile, enjoyable read. The world and story behind it are somewhat realistic, given how centered our society is around how people look. That's the whole premise for the difference between Glistenings and humans.
I know a book is good when, days after I've put it down, I catch myself thinking as if I was in the world. That's what happened with this book, when my co-workers and I were talking about "enhancements" to our bodies, and all I could think of was, "Nope, not going to be a Glistening....I want to be all natural"
The characters were well-written with realistic development for each of the main characters. I don't like how some main characters have these absolutely amazing traits that are unrealistic. I didn't read this here at all with these characters. They were all poignant and emotionally compelling. I certainly couldn't pick a side between them, and could understand each side's drive and ambitions.
The ending was heart-breaking, and infuriating, all at the same time. I can't wait to see how this series ends. I really hope Jenna kicks some more butt.

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