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EXCERPT: Undeniable by Tawdra Kandle


At last. . .the sizzling spin-off from The King Series

UNDENIABLE: The Serendipity Duet Book One

coverFor Rafe Brooks, running from a broken heart means losing himself in alcohol and women. Lots of women, none of whom will remember him, since he has the ability to manipulate their minds and make them forget. Numbing the pain works until he meets an irresistible redhead with secrets of her own. She offers him the opportunity to join forces with an organization that will use his powers for good rather than his own amusement. Jocelyn rocks his world with her unapologetic passion and makes him believe for the first time he just might survive heartbreak. When a mission takes the two of them undercover to infiltrate a commune with suspicious activity, they discover it's just the tip of a plot to cause world-wide anarchy. Hiding their extraordinary powers and real identities is crucial to staying alive. For Rafe and Jocelyn, when life is uncertain, love is undeniable. Buy on: Amazon Barnes & Noble Smashwords


“Hey, stranger, want some company?”
I glanced up in surprise as Joss walked toward me. She had on one of my sweatshirts, and it hung on her shoulders, down to mid thigh, over her tight jeans. There was an expression in her eyes, a light and almost contentment as she looked at me. It was the total opposite of what I saw in Cara’s face.
“Hey, yourself. C’mere.” I held out my arms, and she slid onto my lap, melting into me like another piece of a puzzle I hadn’t quite figured out yet. I buried my face in her neck, breathed deep of the cinnamon and orange.
“You know you smell like potpourri, right?”
She tilted her head. “I do? Is that good?”
“It’s very good. I’ll never smell it again without getting turned on.”
She smiled, shaking her head. “Like I’ve said before, Rafe, turning you on isn’t the problem.”
“Not for you.” I shifted her so that I could get to her mouth and held her face between my palms as I kissed her, hoping that everything I felt could somehow flow into her, so she would know what I couldn’t make myself say.
She opened her mouth, licking the inside of my lips, meeting my tongue and making that small noise in the back of her throat that killed me every time. When I came up for air, she laid her head against my shoulder.
“You know, it’s really too cold to make out by the fire. I’m warm where I’m touching you, but my front is freezing.”
“Do you think it’s going to snow?” I squinted up at the sky. “It feels like snow, right?”
“Oh, my California and Florida boy.” She shook her head, smiling. “I don’t think it’s quite cold enough. It is damp, though. I guess there’s a chance of it.”
I rubbed her thigh, trailing my fingers up to her ass, kneading there. “Joss, where did you live before you came to Florida? Did you see snow?”
She nodded. “Yeah. I lived in New Jersey. Lots of snow there. And other not so much fun stuff, like sleet and frozen rain.” She shuddered.
“Hmmm.” I snuck my other hand up under the sweatshirt and felt warm, bare skin. “So you told me you don’t talk to any of your family anymore, since you...left. What about your sister?”
“No. I wish I could, but I lost touch with her before I left New Jersey. My parents disowned her. I’ve thought about trying to find her the last few years, but I guess I’m scared. What if she feels the same way they do now? I couldn’t stand that. I like to imagine that she’s married, happy, maybe with kids. That she thinks about me sometimes and smiles.”
I tightened my hold. “Joss...” I took a deep breath and swallowed hard, trying to work out the words. “I’ll be your family.” I brushed red curls from her eyes, captured them with mine, held strong. “I’ll be here for you, no matter what. I’ll be the one you can depend on. I’ll always have your back, I’ll always tell you the truth.”
I wanted to say it. I wanted to use the L word, to tell her how I was pretty sure I felt. But something held my tongue.
She searched my face, her eyes serious and huge. “Rafe, that is the best thing anyone has said to me, ever.” She traced my lips with the tip of her pointer finger, and then replaced it with her mouth, soft and full of promise.
“I’ll be here for you, always. No matter what. No one will be more important to me than you. I’ve never felt about anyone the way I feel about you.”
I pulled her into a deeper kiss, held her close and explored her skin under the shirt until she shivered.
“Let’s go back to our tent and keep warm,” she whispered into my ear.
I stood, lifting her into my arms as she gasped, and I carried her back to where our warm sleeping bags waited for us.
She kissed along my jaw and my neck as I walked, and I thought that I would walk with her like this forever.
There was so much more I wanted to tell her, so many words to say. But we had time. There was plenty of time for us.

About the Author

-2Tawdra Thompson Kandle lives in central Florida with her husband, children, cats and dog. She loves homeschooling, cooking, traveling and reading, not necessarily in that order. And yes, she has purple hair. You can follow Tawdra here…FacebookTwitterWebsite

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