Friday, March 14, 2014

REVIEW: C3 by Sherrie Cronin


c3 Synopsis:

c3Teddie’s life as a sixteen year old hasn’t always been easy, but nothing has prepared her for the unexpected dangers she encounters as an exchange student in Darjeeling. A frightening world in which young girls are bartered and sold stretches its icy fingers into the beautiful resort town and touches her friends one by one. Terrified, Teddie finds that her own mind develops a unique ability for locating her friends and that an ancient group of mind travelers is willing to train her to use her new skill to save these girls. It will require trust in ideas she barely believes, and more courage than has ever been expected of her. When it becomes clear that the alternative is her friends’ deaths and the unchecked growth of an evil crime lord’s empire, Teddie accepts the challenge and shows those guilty of unspeakable crimes just how powerful a young woman can be.

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RATING: 4 stars

REVIEW: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
This book was very well-written, though it did move a little slow for my tastes. The basic subject of the book was an emotionally rough one that many of us shy away from, namely the profits in the sex trade. This book hits some of the bigger facets, including the sexualization of female athletes, the inequality given to women, and the sex slave trade business that is dominant through the darker parts of our world, even the first world countries.The author put a spin on the story so that it wasn't as dark and horrible as it could have very well been, but didn't shy away from the deeper aspects of the subject. She definitely gets kudos for even approaching such a sensitive subject.
I enjoyed the characters, though my favorite had to have been Teddie. She was the one that really tugged on my empathy the most, and while I felt for Haley's situation, hers seemed almost too first-world-y for me to really empathize with.

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