Sunday, March 22, 2015

#REVIEW: 15 Minutes by Jill Cooper

Title: 15 Minutes
Series: Rewind Series #1
Author:  Jill Cooper
Published Date: June 15, 2013
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Format: ebook
Pages: 234
ISBN: 9781484896464
Genre: time-travel fantasy
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Rating: 4 stars

Synopsis: I have 15 minutes to save my mother’s life….

15 minutes is all the Rewind Agency gives you in the past, but for Lara Crane it’s enough time to race through the city, find her mother, and stop her from being killed in a mugging that happened over ten years ago.
But that’s not how it happened. The story she’s been told all her life is a lie and when Lara takes a bullet meant for her mother, her future changes forever.
The love of her life acts like a stranger. Her simple life is replaced with a giant house, glamorous clothes and a new boyfriend. 
Except someone knows her secret. And he will try to stop her at every turn as she races against the clock to unravel a dangerous conspiracy.
15 Minutes is an edgy high octane YA thriller that can be described as Back to the Future meets Inception where the people Lara trusts change in an instant. She is in a timeline she doesn't understand, and is about to make one fatal mistake as she faces an enemy so familiar, he’s family.

My Review: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
First of all, look at that cover. It is absolutely gorgeous! I love this cover. It’s definitely one of my favorites this year. But let’s not judge a book by its cover.
So Lara’s mom died when she was young, and now she has 15 minutes to go back in time and change the course of history. I lost my dad when I was young, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dreamed of a chance like this, to go back to the past and change those few minutes that could save my dad’s life. It wouldn’t change me much, right?
Lara finds out that things aren’t the Happily Ever After she imagined they would be, instead, things are completely flipped upside down, inside out and 180. And the best part? Someone is hunting her down because they figured she can change the future.
This book was pretty darned amazing. The only problem I had was trying to wrap my head around the old timeline merging into the new timeline. I loved Lara for trying to save her mother, for having the courage to let go of her old life and embrace the new (though, let’s be honest, did she ever really have a choice?). I grieved a little for the loss of the relationship between Rick and Lara.

As confusing as this story was at times, it’s like Dr Who said, “People assume that Time is a strict progression of cause to effect but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, its more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly-, timey-wimey…stuff.” I haven’t seen that quote shown more accurately than in this series by Jill Cooper.

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