Sunday, February 3, 2013

Week in Review #5

What a week to end our first month of 2013! Looking back, it doesn't seem as though that much has been done, but I swear it has...it's just all future-posted. Out of the list of 6 books that I posted on Monday, I've actually finished three of them, am, working on a fourth, and am about 2 weeks ahead on my tour schedules. Good, because I still have to pick my fun book of the month to read for February!

So, this week, the reviews were as follows:
1. Persistence of Vision by Liesel K Hill -- 4 stars
2. The Complete Guide to the Bible Student Edition by Stephen Miller -- 4 stars

1. A Song for Julia: $50 Amazon Gift Card
2. Free EBook: Once Upon a Midnight Dreary: Good only today!
3. Yum Earth Candy: $100 worth of YumEarth Candy...its candy...how can you resist?!

And of course, I've chosen this month's fun book to be

I have heard so many good things about his book, I finally need to beak down and read it!

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