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#EXCERPT and #GIVEAWAY: The Dream Slayers Series by Jill Cooper

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As a paladin champion, it is Natalie’s job to deal with the undead with quick judgment or else run the risk of major casualties. But when evidence surfaces that some demonires don’t want to feed off humans, Natalie is faced with a moral dilemma that goes against her closest ally and the moral code of the position she holds. With human foes and demonire allies, Natalie Johnson is about to make a decision she might never be able to take back. Meanwhile a deep-seated anger threatens to destroy the principles she holds most dear. In the tradition of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Shadow contains mature themes balanced with humor and quirky situations.

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Reading Order:
The Dream Slayer (perma- free) -
Demon Royale -
The Uninvited: Novella -
Dawning Apocalypse -
Frozen Reverie -
Sacrifice: Novella -
Necromancer's Kiss: Novella -
Shadow -
Resolve: Coming Soon
Fury Finale: Coming Soon  

EXCERPT from The Dream Slayers (Book 1):

“That’s my friend you’re talking about,” Michelle cried, red-faced, and punched Tristan in the arm.“I’m sorry.” Tristan was sincere, grasping at Michelle’s fists. “I’m sorry.”Michelle sobbed, her face contorted. She didn’t pull her hands away, but instead leaned against his chest and cried.Tristan patted her back gently. Mortal enemies most of the time, Tristan wrapped his arms around her and just let her cry.“Did she speak to you? What did she say?” Charles asked urgently. His tone compelled Natalie to speak, and despite herself, she did.“That I won,” Natalie whispered. It sounded creepy. Her voice made her own hairs stand up on the back of her neck.“You won? Do you know what she meant by that?”“No.”“We should move,” Charles said. “You’re sitting in… you need to get up, please. We need to get a handle on this situation.”Natalie shook her head. She couldn’t. She stared at the blood embedded in Sarah’s matted hairline. Something glistened along her scalp, and Natalie reached through the hair despite Charles’ protests.It was a shard of glass.Like someone had pushed her out of a window.Or maybe, Natalie thought, something made her jump.That thought jogged her memory, and her dream came racing back to her like a runaway bus. “Oh my God,” she whispered and realized the similarities. But those weren’t the only ones, were they? There had been others all day. Almost like… almost…Charles bent down beside her and felt the glass shard in her hand. “Your eyes—Oh that’s odd, for a moment, I thought they were blue. My mind must be playing tricks on me.” His tone was soft and soothing but forced, “Any idea who would want to hurt her?”Natalie looked back at Sarah’s broken body, and with no joy in her voice, she simply said, “Me.”

jillcooperAbout the Author:

I could write this in the third person. I could tell you what I like, where I was born, and what my favorite things are.

But instead, I'll say I don't want to write like everyone else. I don't want to craft stories you've read a thousand times before. I want my novels to be a cinematic experience, blending themes, genres, and situations unlike any you've ever read.

I want to break the rules. I want you to break out in a cold sweat as you read my books out of fear, love, and excitement. I want my books to be an experience. When you finish, I want you to feel something. Good or bad.

If you do, then I'll have succeeded. If not, I'll keep trying. Website | Twitter | Facebook

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