Tuesday, December 10, 2013

REVIEW: Good Intentions by DN Simmons

by DN Simmons

SciTech Labs was handsomely commissioned by the United States Military to design a revolutionary serum that would create the ultimate soldier. If successful, the soldier would have an increase in endurance, strength, awareness and overall speed. They would become the true super soldier. That's if everything went according to plan. SciTech put its best scientists on the project and gave them a time limit to complete the job or else. With the pressure on and the stakes high, Vincent Masterson and his team put everything they had into the project. Everything was looking hopeful until an experiment went horribly wrong. The scientists mutated their specimen's DNA, turning it into something monstrous. Now, life as we know it will never be the same. As it stands, the only thing that can save the human race is one of the two things they should be running from. Can the human race survive being caught in a bloody war between two vicious predators?

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RATING: 5 stars

REVIEW: I'd like to thank the author and Promotional Book Tours for letting me read this book in exchange for an honest review.
This is the fourth book I've read from DN Simmons, and she has yet to disappoint me. She has definitely been one of my favorite authors this year. Her Knights of Darkness Chronicles was amazing, but this new series, the Dead War Series is shaping up to be even better. Usually I avoid zombie books at all costs, they freak me out, they're way too close to possible to feel comfortable with...and now the author has made the whole zombie apocalypse scenario so real its terrifying.
The author writes so well that I could see the entire scenario unfolding in my head. The poor scientists, just trying to do a job they were given, and yet bringing about the end of the world with their work. And then, it goes horribly, awfully wrong in the matter of seconds. Then it just explodes into a country-wide scenario, completely uncontainable and chaotic.
It made for a thrilling read from the very first page till the last. I can't wait till the next!

AUTHOR BIO: D.N. Simmons was born and raised in Chicago, Il. She attended Northern Illinois University majoring in journalism. She began writing short horror stories at the age of eleven and in 2004, she decided to take the plunge into the professional literary world when she published Desires Unleashed. She’s an avid fan of the paranormal and horror genre, finding vampires and shape-shifters fascinating. She’s been voted “New Voice of Today” by Romance Review, “Rising Star” by Love Romance and More and “Author of the Month” by Warrior of Words. Her work has won honorable mentions in catogoeis such as Best Paranormal, Best Book of the Year and Best Urban-Fantasy. D.N. has a passion for crafting highly entertaining fantasy worlds her readers can escape to, filled with wonders, humor and excitement.
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