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PROMO and GIVEAWAY: Trade winds to Meluhha by Vasant Davé

Trade winds to Meluhha
Trade winds to Meluhha harks back to Bronze Age Mesopotamia. It involves adventure, strife and love in young Samasin's life in which swift events chase him to an exotic land 3,000 Km. across the sea.

Implicated in a foreigner's murder, Sam is saved from a gory sentence by a rare astronomical event which is recorded on clay tablets excavated in ancient Babylon. He flees to 'Meluhha', Indus Valley Civilization, in search of Siwa Saqra whose name was uttered by the alien before he died. There besides Siwa, he also meets two damsels. Ann is a Sumérian who poses as a Meluhhan because she is on a lookout for a couple of faceless men for revenge. Velli, who wins his heart, is still devoted to a person who had jilted her. Interactions with all three lead Sam on the trail of a diabolic trade that is ruining the lives of youngsters and women back in Mesopotamia.

A Historical Novel

Vasant Davé

About the Author:

Vasant is an electrical engineer from the University of Bombay. Besides providing Industrial Market Research services in India, he has catered to clients in Australia, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Singapore, the UK and the USA. His work called for extensive travelling throughout India.

Vasant conceived and wrote Trade winds to Meluhha after he retired from business. It took him three-and-a-half years. Earlier, his articles were published in Readers' Digest, Economic Times, Business India, Shankar's Weekly, Telematics India and Studio Systems.Goodreads Profile Link:

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