Friday, October 4, 2013

Saga of the Dollar, Part 1: Back Story

Last Sunday I went to church. Big gasp from all of you who have known me for the past twenty years, but I've found a place that I really like. The pastor is all out cool as heck, but you'll see that soon.
The Gospel was the parable about Lazarus and the rich man (can be read here). Reading is over, sermon begins, but I've only been to one of his sermons. The one that I did listen to had most of the congregation laughing at his story, while still providing a very good sermon. But surely he can't continue at that same level, it was just a one time thing...right?

But then he started out mentioning Hades, and how everyone back then knew it was a fictional concept, similar to how if he mentioned the word "TARDIS", everyone would know it was a fictional concept. Yes, he used those words. Now either he's a Whovian as well, or he just talked to me (and the few others that actually got that reference).

This is my desktop on my computer....see anything familiar?
If you're not familiar with Dr. Who, the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension ISpace) is that funky blue police box right in the lower right hand corner. Don't ask me to explain can't be done without taking up a few hours.

But back to the sermon, so then he focuses on the whole idea of the gap, or divide between Lazarus and the rich man, and then brings it round to things that divide us now as people. Eventually he got to the idea that money or the economy, is the big divider among people these days. And how true that is....the haves and the have-nots, right? With the American government in a state of shut-down right now, that divide is getting larger and larger.
He gave us homework (this was a first for me, but okay, I'll go along with it), he told us he was giving us a dollar, each. We could do whatever we wanted with it, we could use it, or save it, or give it away...anything at all. But he wanted us to focus on how that dollar either bridged a gap between people, or increased the gap between people.
I have to say, I truly thought it was going to be Monopoly money. After all, every church in the world is struggling for money, heck, everyone is struggling for money, after all, its the haves and have-nots....
But it was really a dollar. Yep, a real, honest to goodness dollar. For each of us.
I thought about what I would do with the dollar for a second, and stuffed it into my purse....I was off to Indianapolis for a week for training, maybe an opportunity would present itself along the way.

(More to come tomorrow....right now, I'm off to put the kidlets to bed! Stay tuned!)

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