Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saga of the Dollar, Part 2: Indianapolis, here I come!

Part One can be found here...part three can be found here

About 8 hours after I got this dollar, I found myself in Indianapolis airport, huddled with a few other lab geeks, waiting for our transportation to the hotel. As we piled into the big van and I settled into it, my hand brushed up against something. I looked down and saw a small highlighter.
"Oh this will be useful in training..." I thought as I grabbed it, and briefly glanced at it before stuffing it into my purse (along with the dollar). It was a Bible highlighter. I didn't know they made highlighters special for Bibles, but the fact that it was a Bible highlighter kind of stuck in my head.
So I get to the hotel (Marriott, BTW....Roche, the company that paid for this learning time, was putting us up in style!) and a bunch of us meet downstairs for dinner. As we're talking about the activities to come this week, a night excursion to the Castleton Square Mall in Indianapolis was planned.

One of the other women mentioned she had heard there were a lot of hobos in the area camped out in front of the mall. Hey, this could be a way for me to use the dollar! I could give it to one of them, sit down, and get the person's story! What an awesome idea!
And then I started thinking about it. With my luck, I would end up picking the only truly homicidally insane one out there, get gutted like a fish, and die in Indianapolis. I don't want to die in Indianapolis. Surely I could find some more exotic place to die than in the middle of Peyton Manning country.
So that idea was nixed.The rest of the night continued in a haze of good food and lots of it, lots of laughter, and camaraderie between the lab geeks. As I made my way into my room, the Bible highlighter came back to my mind. Now, my stream of consciousness is more like this and it can confuse a lot of people:
Image found in DeviantArt
So from the highlighter I moved to the idea that there is a group of people, the Gideons, who mass-produce Bibles and put them in all hotel rooms. I went to the dresser, and sure enough, there was a really nice hardback Bible in there, along with a paperback of the Book of Mormon. A few years ago when I went to a hotel room, the Bible was all marked up with some really rather offensive language to me, even though I didn't believe in Christianity at the time.
I got ready for bed, and I don't know about you, but the first night in a hotel, I can't sleep. Two in the morning and I'm tossing and turning, when I start thinking about this dollar. Surely there was a reason why I got the dollar on the very day I was going to Indianapolis....and then an idea started first...the highlighter.....Gideons........follow the yellow brick road (an inside joke from the Roche training)....

If you can't see where my yellow brick road is going with this dollar, its okay, not a lot of people can grasp the tenuous swirls of my stream of consciousness....but it should all become clear in part 3....

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