Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saga of the Dollar Part 3: I say goodbye to my dollar

The idea slowly forms in my head about what to do with this dollar, but I have an entire week to stew about this, and I want the wording to be perfect.You see, the biggest thing about me is that I am an overachiever.
Heck, even this series of posts is an over-achievement. Pictures and everything included! 

The recipe kind of looked like this: add 1 dollar to 1 over-achiever, toss in a Bible highlighter by random coincidence, allow stream of consciousness to bring the Gideons into the mix and add a pinch of a notepad with the following quote:

Or do I follow the yellow brick road?

So, this was where the Bible was:
Pretty, isn't it?
But how could I use the dollar and all this to bridge a gap between me and....whoever? I noticed the person before me left a note on the notepad thanking the cleaning staff (you know how you can see the ghost imprint of the note before). So why can't I do the same?
The night before I was going to leave Indianapolis and come back to reality, I sat down and wrote a note....
Good morning!
My name is Kristin. This past Sunday, my pastor gave a sermon in our church near Boston. In the sermon, he said that money can be a big divider, between people. He gave us homework this week by giving us all one dollar.He told us he wanted us to use it any way we wanted, but he wanted to know how we used it and how we thought it connects people across the divide, or divides people more. I want to use it to cross the divide between me and you. My email address is on the back. Send me an email and tell me about yourself! I hope this will bridge the gap between me and you. Use it any way you choose. I hope it helps you in dire need.
Right before I left the room for the last time to check out, I used the Bible highlighter to highlight that passage, left the dollar and the note inside.
Goodbye little dollar! I hope you help someone out.
But let's leave that trail of genius, right?!

I hope that I get that bridge and I find out about whoever it was that becomes the new owner of the dollar.


  1. Dear Kristin, I think that your dollar inspiration idea (and your blog series) are really cool, and I am psyched you did such a good plan. Hopefully see you on Sunday! Peace, Ann Frenning Kossuth

    1. Ann, thanks for reading! It was fun to do. I can't wait to see what everyone else has done with it :)

  2. Amazing posts! I can't wait to see if they message you about the dollar.